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Experience the Divine Presence

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Indulged in worldly pursuits day and night and intoxicated with the glamour and grandeur of this ephemeral world, we doubt the existence of the divine presence, what to talk of experiencing it. Deep inside, we are aware that eventually we have to leave this mortal frame; with that, all that we hold dear shall become insignificant. Even then, we have more faith in the outer world, in the external phenomena and in the ever-changing circumstances of this world.

We have hypnotised ourselves into a state of rigidity wherein we are unable to recognize the absolute reality of the inner phenomena and thus invite sickness and misery. It is we who have mentally labelled ourselves as mortals - men, women, wretches, kings... We have felt ourselves so and so we are. Know your divinity and immortality, and Divine you will be. Raise yourself up into the true self. Scriptures proclaim, “God of gods you are!” “Ye are the children of Bliss!”

Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Divinity is within all of us. We are to experience its presence. We have built a thick wall of ignorance around us, that we are the victims of cause and effect. We are to raze it. A house takes long to build, only a short time to raze. We have taken a long time to create our dungeon; we are to raze it.

In order to raze it and experience the divine presence, we must have strong conviction – a staunch faith without any ‘ifs’ – that we are potentially divine. As we think, so we become. Brooding over misery all the time, we become miserable. If we think we are strong and omnipotent, nothing can make us weak. If we think we are downtrodden, nothing can lift us up. All the succor and support come from within.

We are to experience the Divinity, which is hidden under the layers of ignorance and thick darkness of ego. As soon as we close our eyes, grim darkness prevails inside. There is no glimmer of light and that is the ego and ego prevalent all around as the Himalayas between your little self and true self. With the torch of Vishvas Meditation, clouds of darkness scatter gradually and we see the light, which is the experience of divine presence.

We search for self in churches, temples, mosques, hills and dales, brooks and streams or in the seventh heaven but achieve nothing. Gurudev Sh. Swami Vishvas Ji recites in His holy voice:


कोई कहता यहाँ, कोई कहता वहाँ।
सारी दुनियां में ढ़ूँढ़ा, मिला ना निशां।।

Vain is thy search for Him in the outside world.

It is said that once God got fed up with the demands of human beings. So He wished to hide Himself. He wished to go beyond the reach of man. Tops of mountains or bottoms of the sea were accessible to man. After a great deal of thought, God hid Himself in the innermost cave of heart of human being. Man would search anywhere and everywhere except his own self. We spend all our lives in settling others or judging others and have no time to ponder or meditate who we are and where we are going and what is TRUTH and what is SELF – our true nature.

Experience the divine presence through regular Vishvas Meditation. Once intoxicated with the Divine presence within, the outside world becomes divine too. We see Him everywhere being manifested. There is nothing but Him. Rose is beautiful because of Him. He is all Beauty. He is all Love. He is all Bliss. Father loves his child because of Him. Mother bestows her love upon her son due to Him. A handful of arranged material molecules cannot be the source of attraction. Dead matter cannot attract the soul. It never did and never will. It is He who attracts all things to Himself. Wherever there is any bliss, any beauty, any happiness, any love that is a spark of that Divinity, that Eternity, that Eternal Bliss which is the Lord Himself. “He shining, everything shines. It is through His light that all things shine.” Swami Sh. Gurudev Vishvas Ji, standing on the bank of a rushing stream under blue sky in the serene surroundings of tranquil nature in Rohtang recites in His Holy voice:

मैं तां सोच सोच कर हारा, तेरियां तू जाण मालका
कैसे तूने पवन बनाया, कैसे तूने पानी
कैसे किया तेज की रचना, भेद ना कोई जाने
कैसे रच दिया सागर खारा, तेरियां तू जाण मालका

Everything and anything in this world reminds us of divine presence but we, sunk deep in ignorance, deny His presence and can’t see Him with these external eyes. Swami Ji proclaims in Meditation Retreats that we need the internal eye – Shiv Netra - which we all have got with us right from birth,but it is not a part of body. In Meditation, we do get connected with the third eye and experience the blissful divine presence.

It is said, “Seek and ye shall find”. The difficulty is who seeks and wants? Our ordinary wants are supplied by external world. It is only when our necessities have gone beyond the external world that we want a supply from internal, from Divine, from God. Once we want Him and Him alone and have an unquenching, burning THIRST for Him, we do not have to seek Him and go anywhere to experience the Divine presence.

मुझ को कहाँ ढूँढ़े रे, मैं तो तेरे पास में।
खोजोगे तो मिलूंगा, पल भर की तलाश में।।
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