Meditation is a process of realizing one's true nature one's real source of 'Bliss' and one's Self. This search for true being applies to all without any exception. So it is as universal as breath is essential to a living being. It is not confined to any sect or society or cast or color or creed. As breath is universal to mankind, so is Dhyan. At one time or another during day, every human being experiences 'Bliss' which may be for few seconds only. He may or may not be able to appreciate that moment or moments or period of 'Bliss' is not at all of his creation or due to his effort. It is 'Dhyan'
Engaged in endless struggle for survival, progress, prosperity and mad race for money, there are times when one wonders what this striving is for, what the truth is, what is permanent and what is evanescent, whether one is mind, body or intellect, who he is and what is the goal of life. Logic, reasoning and intellect are incapable of answering these questions. In fact, these questions cannot be answered and they do not exist when one goes deep into Meditation.
The seer and doer in Meditation are described as two birds on a tree in a parable in scriptures. One bird sitting on the top is immersed in its glory. It is serene, calm, seer, majestic. The second bird sitting on the lower branches is restless and doer. It is jumping all the time and eating the sweet and bitter fruits of the tree. Once it tasted exceptionally bitter fruit and jumped up a few branches nearer to the majestic and serene bird sitting calmly on the top. The lower bird looked up and enjoyed the bliss.
Meditation is a non-doing state of continuous watchfulness and wakefulness of whatever is going on inside the screen of your inner self after closing the eyes. Observe and just whatever is going on inside without any involvement or expectation. It may be thick darkness and dead silence. There may be an un-ending crowd of wayward thoughts of past and present. Be a witness, a neutral energy. Don’t get involved in any thoughts and if you do, come back to the position of witnessing in a very natural way without any stress or strain. Meditation removes all the stress and strain.
We are to make a clear distinction between being centred and being self-centred. The former is to be centred at our source, at our self, at our Third Eye and the latter is to be centred at ego, conceit, pride and little self. This obstinate ego has overpowered us so much that we have entirely forgot our centre. In deep slumber of ignorance, we consider the body as the be-all and end-all of ours. The mind is our master, so much so that we regard ourselves nothing but the mind.
Impoverishment whether it is outer or inner is miserable. Those who have the experience of impoverishment know how expensive that experience is. Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of a living being for which one has to struggle hard. Unfortunately there are many on this earth Planet, who being bereft of these basic necessities suffer in life. Every religion starts from stomach. It is an insult to teach metaphysics to a starving person. But on the other hand, it is not that as we think that ‘eating, drinking and making merry’ is the be-all and end-all of life, which leads to inner impoverishment.
One shudders to think of life without the modern scientific inventions and the amenities provided by the electricity, gas, computers, I.T. railways, planes, satellites and what not. Man is going high into the space and diving deep into the sea. We can have breakfast in Delhi, lunch in London and supper in New York. Globalization is the order of the day and space is not a hindrance. With the industrialization the world has changed.
Indulged in worldly pursuits day and night and intoxicated with the glamour and grandeur of this ephemeral world, we doubt the existence of the divine presence, what to talk of experiencing it. Deep inside, we are aware that eventually we have to leave this mortal frame; with that, all that we hold dear shall become insignificant. Even then, we have more faith in the outer world, in the external phenomena and in the ever-changing circumstances of this world.
Any sort of scrubbing and rubbing the blackboard will never make it transparent but a looking glass soiled, dusty or dirty when cleaned becomes transparent. We are free in our true nature but in hallucination we consider ourselves shackled in cause, time and space. Our Self is Free and Pure and it is a sin to consider it sinful by nature. It has not fallen through the sin of one man and does not depend upon the virtue of another man to save it.
Mind is compared to a maddened monkey drunk with the wine of desire, stung by the scorpio of jealousy at the success of others and possessed with the demon of pride. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that lust, greed, jealousy, anger, stress and strain are the symptoms and not the disease. Disease is the mind. As malaria fever is the disease, head-ache, shivering, vomiting, body pains, temperature are the symptoms.
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