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Sunday, 29 August 2010 08:44

Awake! Ye Children of Immortal Bliss

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“O man! Each Soul is potentially divine, you are the child of Immortal Bliss” has been the pious sermon of saints and sages of all the time. The vast sea of troubles and tribulations of the world also makes us agree with Tolstoy when he writes “Our pessimism is a dread reality, our optimism is a faint cheering, making the best of a bad job.”

The heart sinks at the feelings expressed by a noble soul as:- “Is man a tiny boat in a tempest, raised one moment on the foamy crest of a billow and dashed down into a yawning chasm the next rolling to and from at the mercy of good and bad actions – a powerless, helpless wreek in an ever crushing, uncompromising current of cause and effect – a little moth placed under the wheel of causation, which rolls on crushing everything in its way and waits not for the widows tears or the orphan’s cry?”

Is there no hope? Oh! No! This is all what the mind says. Listen to the inner call of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, who says:-

भीखा भूखा कोई नहीं, सबकी गठरी लाल
अपने को जानत नहीं, ताहि विधि भये कंगाल

Ye children of Bliss, Awake and realize that you are Souls immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal. You are not bodies, you are not matter. Matter is not your master, matter is your servant. You are the children of God, the sharers of Immortal Bliss. He, the Lord of the universe dwells in you – nay even you are THAT. Soaham, Soaham. Only you are to be awake, you are to be aware through meditation. It is a sin to call yourself a sinner. Ye divinities on earth! It is a standing libel on human nature. Come on up, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep.

Strength is life and weakness is death. All the strength you get is from within because the source of all strength of the world lies inside you. All you are to do is to discover it, regain it. The way for it is ‘Vishvas Meditation’. As soon as you close your eyes and start watching inside, you see nothing but darkness all around or a continuous array of disarranged thoughts. Patience and observance are required.

If there is darkness in a room, you do not go on beating your chest “Oh, it is dark, it is dark”. Instead you strike a light and the darkness is vanished. So in order to remove the darkness of ignorance, you are to be awake, you are to be aware that you are not the combination of few molecules to be disintegrated sooner or later. You are the children of All-Blissful God who is everywhere, especially with us all the time dwelling in the heart of hearts.

It is said that once God got sick of fulfilling man’s unlimited desires and wanted to hide himself from man’s reach. The peaks of Himalayas are not beyond man’s reach as he had already gone to moon and into the space. The bottom of the sea is also not inaccessible to him. So after a long thought, God decided to dwell inside man because it is man’s nature that he will go everywhere except to his own self. He takes a great deal of interest in finding fault with others. All his powers and faculties are diverted and wasted outside day in and day out, so he has left with no time at all to realize his own true nature – nay even who he is and what is the aim and objective of his being on this planet. “Eat, drink and be merry”. Is that the aim?

Swami Ji proclaims that eating, drinking and sleeping are the deeds of animals as well. The only difference is that man has the potential to remember the formless One, the Almighty God. So, he should always pray, ‘O’ the Almighty Lord! “Thou art our father, Thou art our mother, Thou art our beloved friend, Thou art the source of all strength: give us strength. Thou art He that beareth the burden of the universe; help me bear the little of this life”.

One does not have to utter this prayer loudly and formally without any ‘Bhav’ or feeling. Swami Ji gives us assurance that when we go in for Vishvas Meditation, this prayer comes in automatically from your heart of hearts. Only you are to watch your thoughts, watch your mind wakefully and continuously just like a man standing at a distance keeps watching the activities of a monkey who keeps on jumping from one branch to another branch of a tree. So Gurudev Shri Swami Ji proclaims:-

“Be Aware, Awake! Ye divinities on Earth, Ye Children of Bliss”.
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