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Thursday, 10 February 2011 07:33

Let us Dive in Inner Ocean

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In spite of tremendous struggle and strife day and night, we live almost in a drunken state. We live with the minimum of consciousness. We go on doing things, we go on moving this and that but we are not conscious. Just as Keats said,

“What is this life if full of cares
We have no time to stand and stare.”

If we step and look around, we can be more aware. Simple things we don’t take notice of such as beautiful flowers, clear blue sky and birds flying on the wings can provide us more awareness. We can come out of a fog which surrounds us all around. This is the fog of frustration, stress and strain.

It was cloudy, dark clouds were gathering. The beginning of rain and suddenly a row, many white cranes flew against the black clouds. This happening provided a young boy of thirteen so much happiness that for days he was drunk with the unknown, he danced, sang. His town’s people, his family thought he had gone mad. But he was so happy.

The sight of a large beehive in a cleft between some huge rocks made a young boy of fourteen so much blissful that he moved into a different level of consciousness which is known as super consciousness. Even after returning to the sense perceived world, he radiated joy. Yeats described super-conscious state as "a final state of complete wakefulness where the soul, purified of all that is not itself, comes into possession of its own timelessness."

It may seem an uphill task for us to attain that state of super-consciousness but at least we can be aware of ourselves that we are not down-trodden wretch to be crushed under the wheels of time and causation.

When we dive in Inner Ocean through meditation, we become aware of ourselves and come out of a fog. Soon we will again disappear into the fog. This fog surrounds us. Sometimes we come out of it. One day in the morning suddenly the world is more beautiful for no reason at all. The reason is there, we are more aware. May be we rested well in the night; it was a good sleep, the dreams were not too many, stomach was not too full of food or hungry. Things somehow went well and in the morning we felt on top of the world. It is nothing but awareness. This awareness is not to be put aside. It has to be fed and watered, taken care of. When we take a journey within and dive in the inner ocean, we attain more and more awareness. The grim darkness of ignorance gradually vanishes.
This awareness awakens us that


Our true nature is PEACE & BLISS. A man can stay comfortably in peace for twenty four hours but he can’t stay in anxiety, temper or rage even for few hours what to talk of twenty four hours.

Man made in divine image has come on earth to play the role in the cosmic drama of destiny by God. This life is not man’s show. This life is a master novel written by God. A man would go crazy if he wants to understand it with reason also. So meditation of diving deep into your own Self is essential.

भीतर का राग जगाओ तो कुछ बात बने।।”
“तुम ध्यान का दीप जलाओ तो बात बने।

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji asks us to dive deep into the inner ocean and get the jewels of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience.

On the contrary if man becomes personally and emotionally involved in the very complicated cosmic drama, he reaps inevitable suffering for having distorted the “divine plot.” Your own true self is far more tempting than material temptation. Then we won’t wail in pain under unfavourable circumstances. Our prayers won’t be, “Change the circumstances”. Instead we would pray, “Change me”.

In fact the change is in periphery. Deep down is the ever-lasting peace and bliss. Life is a play-ground however gross the play may be. Countless blows we may receive and however knocked we may be, our inner Self our true Self is never injured. We are infinite and our inner ocean is infinite.

When we dive in inner ocean through deep MEDITATION, we come across the TRUTH. “We never had fear or doubt. Anger and lust and jealousy and evil thoughts and all these things never came to me for I am ALL EXISTENCE, ALL KNOWLEDGE and ALL BLISS ABSOLUTE.

The Self, the inner Self can never be known by mind or intellect for the Self is itself knower. Who knows the knower? The direction of the mind which always runs after senses has to be turned within. With meditation, we don’t have to make any extraneous effort to turn the mind in or to control the mind. We go beyond mind and attain ever-lasting bliss. If we care to control mind; mind runs after psychic powers and thus draws us away from attaining our real nature.

Meditation along with discrimination should be practiced. With discrimination alone there is the chance that the mind will get involved in vain arguments. Through meditation, name and form disappear. Only the transcendent Reality remains. The separate entity of the ego and Self is felt no longer. It is realised that there is but one Reality and all these circumstances of suffering or misery or evil are not real. In the words of Swami Ram Tirth “Why are you – man, woman, beggar or king or wretch? You have felt it yourself and you are it. Feel yourself Self, Pure, blessed One and you will be THAT. As you think (rather meditate) so you become. A house takes long to build, only a short time to raze it. You have taken a long time to create your images, raze it. God of gods you are!”

Realise it by diving in inner Ocean through VISHVAS MEDITATION.

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