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Friday, 01 April 2011 09:07

Quench Inner Thirst

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Immersed deeply in material pursuit and worldly affairs, a man is generally blinded to the existence of ‘Inner Thirst’. What to talk of quenching it? When man gets frustrated with the mirage and false glamour of this ephemeral world, he realizes that this external world of senses is not the be-all and end-all. Then he turns his attention inwards and finds that there is something behind and something within which is eternal and real and the search for that Real – that Eternal – that Blissful springs up.

This search for Reality takes the aspirant to Meditation- the only solution to satiate the inner thirst. When this search ripens into the Inner thirst, tears of devotion roll down the cheeks. These tears are not the outcome of any worldly suffering. An indescribable bliss comes out of them. These tears come out of the inner Thirst to find the Reality. His Holiness Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that this thirst is Parmatma.

The proof of the existence of one Reality as proclaimed by saints and sages is not in books, nor in the words of intellectuals. “Know ye not that you are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?” you are only to thirst and thirst for it desperately. Then we shall be inwardly intoxicated with Joy. The body and all its processes are absolutely still when we have quenched Inner Thirst. Breath disappears and the body is sustained by the cosmic life when we reach the state of Samadhi through deep meditation. That is a deathless state. It is worthwhile if we can reach that state before the great Reaper catches us. Even if we can’t reach that state, we can have an earnest longing to know Self – to know the Reality. We are inwardly and continuously yearning for THAT which is our own. Tremendous longing springs up and that is the Thirst, which is PARMATMA according to Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji.

To quench Inner Thirst, we have to drop endless vain desires of the world. Desire goes outside whereas we are to go inside. When we drop desire, we are happy. Our true nature is everlasting happiness, bliss, depending upon no gratification of desires of senses. Desire out of happiness is desirable but desire for happiness leads to misery.

Desire, expectation and thought are in the future, which is full of anxiety and consequently lacks happiness. The MOMENT in hand is without any thought of desire or expectation but with the tremendous thirst for Him. When we live in PRESENT we become SAKSHI, SAKSHI, SAKSHI. The witness witnesses the witness. Knower, knowledge and known are one. When we attain that state of being a SAKSHI a WITNESS the inner thirst springs up.

That inner thirst is quenched through deep meditation when we realize that we are not this solid body but we are the divine eternal current of Life and consciousness within the body. Then inner thirst upsurges, sweet wave of restlessness ensues and nothing in the material world can quench that inner thirst. Gurudev Shri Ji describes that state of separation as:

उसी दर्द को ढूँढते हैं ये मरहम,
जिसे मेरे ज़ख्मों ने पाला बहुत है।

Spontaneous tears rolling down the cheeks of aspirant are a source of immense bliss and the pangs of separation are so blissful to his heart that no other suffering of this temporal world can do any harm to him. In the words of Gurudev Shri Ji that despite all his crying and bewailing for Him, the seeker becomes healthier and wealthier and all his desires are fulfilled.

कर लै दिल दी सफाई जे दीदार चाहिदा,
तू जहान तों की लैणां, तैनूं यार चाहिदा

Tears coming out of the thirst for Beloved cleanse the mind of all the dross that is a great hindrance in quenching inner thirst. A Spiritual Master narrates his experience as:-
“Once when I was in meditation, I heard His voice whispering, “Thou dost say I am away but thou didst not come in. that is why thou dost say I am away. I am always in. Come in and thou will see me. I am always here, ready to greet thee.”

God is approachable. For that inner thirst has to be awakened and quenched.

तेरी याद में रो लेना यह प्यास हमारी है।

Once the thirst is awakened, a man becomes restless to find the Reality. This ephemeral world with all its ostentations does not quench this thirst. Inwardly he prays to his Beloved, “O my Lord, manifest to me, you are right here, you are in the sun, you are in the grass, you are in this room, you are in my heart.”

Just as a child cries for mother, so the aspirant cries for Him. No toy can pacify the child. He bewails for mother only and mother knows that he is crying for her and when the child cries for mother, she would surely embrace her child. So the Mother of the Universe would certainly come to shower Her Mercy and quench his inner thirst when once the tremendous thirst is aroused in the heart of the aspirant.

The mind of that aspirant is always on the Lord though he may be involved and immersed in many activities. His conviction is, “the blood in my body is God, the reason in my mind is God, everything that exists is God.” In Bhagvad Gita, such an aspirant is defined as “Unattached to the sensory world, the seeker experiences the ever new joy in the Self. Engaged in divine union of the Soul with Spirit, he attains Bliss indestructible.” Then this Joy quenches Inner Thirst.

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