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Monday, 31 October 2011 22:35


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It is quite disappointing that MEDITATION is compared to hypnosis or a technique of hypnosis or even worse, the concentration of the mind. Even the seemingly high intellectuals, holding Master's degrees, have misconceptions and misgivings about MEDITATION. Once, a member of an elite society said, "Except for creating mental derangement, there is absolutely no beneficial value of meditation. Only 'religious maniacs' do meditation and people who are 'mentally sick'."

Unfortunately, the learned fellow did not know the ABC of meditation....what to talk about experiencing it! He had not even read about it. Whatever little he assumed he knew, was nothing but borrowed knowledge that he did not even bother to validate!  If you really want to know about meditation, ask those who meditate. You have to dive into the sea of meditation in order to know what it really is and enjoy its bliss.

Those who call meditation a technique of hypnosis have completely no idea what meditation is.

Hypnosis means sleep whereas meditation is a process to make you more aware and awake. A meditator remains awake even in deep sleep!

Buddha's disciple Anand asked Buddha once, "I have a feeling that even in your sleep you remain aware. "Buddha said, "You are right. Body goes to sleep, but I remain aware."

In fact modern psychology says that there is a layer of your consciousness which is always alert.

Now if someone is of the view that there is absolutely no beneficial value of meditation at all, he is like someone who has put his hands on his eyes and calls others fools who say that there is light.

Meditation and Medicine come from the same root. Meditation is a healing process because it relaxes you and allows Nature to heal. It serves as a knell to tension, strain and other illnesses arising from stress and strain, such as heart diseases. So many universities are experimenting and there is now solid proof given by medical colleges and medical researches that meditation is of tremendous benefit.

That is not the primary benefit of meditation. The basic benefit is the entry into the divine, into your own Self, that is Self-realization. Oh! The ecstasy of it, the blessing and the benediction.

ये सैर क्या है अजब अनोखा, कि राम मुझमें मैं राम में हूँ।
बगैर सूरत अजब है जलवा, कि राम मुझमें मैं राम में हूँ।।

Meditation is natural and spontaneous. It is not at all a practice and it has no techniques or side effects. Techniques have side effects. Meditation in its natural and original form does not!

In order to remove the misgivings and misconceptions about MEDITATION, an attempt has been made here below to explain in short. However, the best explanation is your own practical experience and the immense bliss that you experience as a result of regular MEDITATION.

  1. Our mind is a constant traffic of thoughts and it always experiences the rush hour - day and night.

  2. This traffic is like traffic on the unmanaged crossings, where everyone is going everywhere without any rules or regulations.

  3. Thoughts come from any direction - somewhere, nowhere, elsewhere & everywhere - North, South, East and West.

  4. Mind starts a film on its screen which has a beginning but no ending.

  5. Our mind is talking all the time.

  6. Meditation means to observe the thoughts, observe the inner talking without any appreciation or condemnation.

  7. As we become more and more accustomed to observation, a strange phenomenon happens.
  8. If we start becoming aware, 10% of the energy moves from mind to the Observer and mind is left with only 90% energy.

  9. As you go on watching the traffic of your mind,  a moment comes when the Observer gains 50% of energy and it goes on growing as mind goes on losing its energy.

  10. Traffic of the mind becomes less & less & less, the Observer comes in more and more and more..<

  11. Our witnessing self, goes on growing and expanding.

  12. Observer grows more and more as mind becomes less and less i.e. mind starts getting integrated.

  13. Observer              90%     Mind        10%
    Observer              99%     Mind        1%
    Observer             100%   Mind disappears.

    The road is empty. The screen of the mind is completely empty. Nothing moves. There is left the Observer only.

  14. Techniques of concentration come from the mind, where you are asked to focus your mind on a point or object. But meditation does not come from the mind. It comes from beyond the mind. Mind cannot create Meditation. Meditation is when you watch the mind, witness all the stuff that goes through the mind eg.  desires, thoughts and anxieties etc.<

  15. Be a WITNESS only.

  16. Watch all that goes in the mind for watching is the only tool through which you can cut off the unnecessary thinking and negativities of the mind. Watching is a sword.

  17. If any thought is moving in the mind, watch it. Suddenly you will see that thought is there and you are here and there is no bridge between thought and you.

  18. Don't watch the thought, you become identified with it and become it. Watch it and you are not it.

  19. The more you think, the more you go away from REALITY. Thinking leads you astray from the REAL. REAL does not need thinking. REAL needs AWARENESS. That is what MEDITATION is.<

  20. Look within yourself. Turn the eyes inwards and you have arrived home.

  21. You are already there where you need to be but you are not aware. MEDITATION is that awareness.

  22. Absence of thinking and sleeping is MEDITATION.

  23. If thinking does not begin and dozing does not happen. MEDITATION takes place.

  24. Our mind is constantly talking. If inner talk stops even for a while, then that is the state of BLISS.

  25. When thoughts disappear, despair disappears because despair lies in thoughts.

  26. When thoughts disappear , misery disappears because misery lies in thoughts.

  27. When thoughts disappear, death disappears because death lies in thoughts.

  28. When thoughts disappear, repressed memories disappear because the whole burden is carried through thoughts.

  29. Meditation cannot be purchased. It can only be developed by the Grace of an Enlightened Master, a Realized Soul.

  30. Lament not if you do not see any light or images in MEDITATION. Go deep into the inner realms of Bliss and there you will find the presence of God.

As Swami ji often says in His discourses :

' ढूँढता फ़िरता कहाँ है, मन के मन्दिर में तू देख '

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