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Bliss is neither joy nor happiness nor pleasure because sooner or later joy is followed by sorrow, happiness by misery and pleasure is followed by pain. They are part and parcel of dual throng. However hard we may try or wish earnestly, we cannot have one without another. Bliss has got no counterpart and no opposite and bliss is bliss only. It is inexpressible and it can be experienced only. It does not depend upon any external or outer circumstances or comforts of this ephemeral world. It is an inner experience which is completely centred at one's own Source. It is All EXISTENT, ALL KNOWELDGE and ALL BLISS. Experience it through Vishvas Meditation.

It is definitely not a frothy talk. It is the experience of everyone who meditates that when he goes deep into meditation and goes into the state of no-mind, tears roll down in ecstasy and Bliss is experienced. Generally tears flow out of pain or agony but these come out of bliss.

तेरी याद में रो लेना, यह प्यास हमारी है
विरह का इक आँसू कई शास्त्रों पे भारी है

The bliss experienced in meditation is not at all a commodity of market which can be purchased but, of course, it can be achieved without any strenuous effort or penances. It cannot be desired because the desire is the greatest obstacle in attaining bliss. It is spontaneous and is our true nature but adamantine wall of desires, ambitions and aspirations, lust, greed and vicious feelings stand between us and unlimited bliss which is ours.

We go beyond mind and attain bliss when we start witnessing whatever is happening within after closing the eyes and sitting in a very comfortable posture and relaxed manner with no tension, no stress whatsoever. Without any judgement or evaluation, we witness the thoughts, the mind and whatever is happening within us as we observe the traffic going up and down while standing on the side of a road. It should be just pure observation. As we become more and more accustomed to witnessing, a strange phenomena starts happening. When we are aware 10% that much energy moves from mind process to the observer and mind has only 90% energy available. Slowly our awareness goes on increasing and traffic of thoughts becomes less and less and eventually vanishes. The mind disappears, the road is empty, the screen of the mind becomes completely empty. Then we go beyond mind and enjoy bliss.

When we go deep in meditation, we attain the state of super-consciousness (SMADHI), in which we are fully aware of ourselves but no wayward thoughts intrude the horizon. It may be compared to dreamless sound sleep with a difference - a great difference that we are not aware in the dreamless sound sleep whereas we are fully awake in state of super-consciousness. A simple incident of white cranes flying in sky overcast with clouds could transcend Swami Ramakrishna into the state of super-consciousness. Similarly Swami Vivekananda went into SMADHI at the sight of web of bee-hive, Akbar, the emperor, could enjoy the bliss of spiritual aura of Guru Haridas who was the Guru of Tansen, the renowned singer of the court of the emperor.

The bliss does not depend upon any "OTHER" and is definitely not the outcome of this ephemeral world. Those, who have plunged from head to foot in pursuit of worldly fleeting objects, may have some fleeting joys or happiness or pleasures followed by sorrow, misery and pain but will not know what bliss is! Bliss is the outcome of deep meditation, of self-realisation and being one with your own true self, We must move into our own CENTRE which is All BLISS. All the misery is in periphery, our whole precious life is wasted in the periphery, we seldom bother to move to our own CENTRE where lies the bliss. It is impossible to move to your CENTRE without meditation because there is an adamantine wall of mind. We are not to wage a war against mind. We are not to control the mind. We are just to go beyond mind by witnessing wakefully, continuously and intently just like an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another.

Lose yourself in Atma and establish yourself in Godhead. In this way you will be in a position to enjoy the eternal bliss. If we only sit in the royal throne of our Godhead i.e. in our CENTRE and not in the periphery, we will see that all our desires will be automatically fulfilled without our wishing. A child standing before mother does not have to beg anything as Swami Vivekananda while going before MOTHER KALI facing extreme poverty and distress experienced that he could not ask for any material gains. We will reach this stage only when we will make the right use of our efforts i.e. when we leave the body enjoyments to destiny and make earnest efforts to be one with our own self.

In the union with self, desires are finished, prayers are answered and eternal bliss is enjoyed. In no way, it is to be understood that we are to be idle, lethargic and leave to destiny. Only desires are to be abandoned and not the efforts. Put all efforts in Vishvas Meditation to achieve self-realisation, God-Realisation and enjoy ever-lasting bliss and leave your body enjoyments to destiny which controls them. When a man works for higher position, all the lower jobs are automatically achieved. Similarly when a man makes efforts to advance towards God-Realisation, all the worldly necessities are bound to be fulfilled automatically. This is the law of Nature.

We put the cart before the horse. We toil day and night to look after the horse, when the rider is starved to death and then we wonder what BLISS is! "Render unto Caesar that belongs to Caesar and render unto God that belongs to God". Then BLISS will be ours- nay it is ours but we are oblivious of it. While being in the possession of gold mine we are looking for glass beads. A Hindi poet says-

"Those who are not after TRUTH (bliss) lead a life of lower animals. Their lives are useless in this world. In the words of Swami Ram Tirath;-

"Damned are those who in the presence of Divine music prefer to hear braying of an ass"

"Damned are those who having got kingdom have still a desire to lick the stone of flour-grilling mills"

जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है
काबा में सजदा कौन करे।

"Damned are those who having realised the Truth have still the desire to mean pleasures and temptations."

Blessed are those who live and breathe in God. This is the only life worth living. It is Full of eternal bliss and love. Such a life is realised by delving deep in VISHVAS MEDITATION.

VISHVAS MEDITATION is the natural and spontaneous way of attaining bliss by being one with your own Self. It is the highway to go to your own source without any strenuous effort. It is a blissful inner journey towards your own centre. Chetna (consciousness) knows the way towards Chetan(conscious) which is within us. God is within us. If we hear His voice and act upon it, our worldly jobs will never be spoiled; we will enjoy bliss- ecstatic pleasure if we act according to our inner voice. All the miseries, all the troubles and tribulations will disappear when we realise that we are the children of bliss and not the helpless victims of time, space and causation. We are the kings and not the beggars. We are the lions and not the bleating sheep. All BLISS is ours if we wake up through VISHVAS MEDITATION.
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