Relax your body & mind

If you wish to simply relax yourself, Vishvas Meditation in any lying down pose would be ideal. Especially those, who find it difficult to sit upright for long periods without back support, due to age, illness or other health problems will find Vishvas Meditation in this pose very relaxing. To keep from falling asleep, it would be advisable not to use the bed. You may use the floor in your bedroom, living room or even your lawn with a mat or a soft blanket below. The idea is to choose any comfortable place that supports your body firmly and is free from distractions. Now follow the process of Vishvas Meditation while closing your eyes: Watch your mind as a witness, with full awareness. Staying in this process for at least 20 to 30 minutes is a good period. This process fades away all unnecessary thoughts and calms the nerves, reducing all unnecessary pressures and tensions from the body. It transforms the negative or stagnant energy into positive, life-affirming energy, making you feel light, weightless and completely relaxed. Moreover, it increases selfawareness, concentration, clarity, will power, harmony, happiness and balance.

Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "Relaxation is a state of balanced life-force energy. A balanced mind encourages a balanced body and is the best way to relax. Meditation clears the mind of all the imbalances without letting them degenerate into emotional and psychological symptoms, leading to complete relaxation of mind and body, increasing fitness and physical energy. Also, the increased self-awareness that it provides, improves the mental state from lifting the mood to lessening symptoms of severe depression, providing greater confidence and self esteem, improving our self-concept and helping us view life in a more positive and relaxed way. Relaxation is a fine art and meditation serves as the perfect canvas."