Benefits of Meditation

Vishvas Meditation has innumerable health benefits

Vishvas Meditation is the key to mind-body maintenance and integration.
Vishvas Meditation is an instant medicine - a natural medicine, having no side effects at all. It is a natural tonic for the heart, lungs, liver, digestive system, immune system and chronic pains etc. Moreover, it is an instant source of inner peace, joy, tranquility and a tonic for shining good health.
Though it may look like the meditator is just sitting idle, not doing anything. But in reality there is tremendous accomplishment and progress in the body and mind when you meditate.

On the Physical Level:

Vishvas Meditation is a fitness regimen for the whole body as it increases vitality and promotes self-healing, strengthening the immune and digestive systems, heart, lungs etc.
  • Develops higher skin resistance. Low skin resistance is correlated with higher stress and anxiety levels. Vishvas Meditation minimizes and controls stress, tensions, hypertension, high blood pressure, panic, anxiety, anger, reactions, insomnia, diabetes - all mental as well as heart diseases.
  • Increases immunity; boosts healing, resistance and repair mechanisms of the body.
  • Increases vitality and rejuvenation. Quicker recovery from wounds.
  • Relaxes the entire nervous system. Relaxes muscles. Reduces and controls migraine headaches, cervical spondylitis etc. Makes you feel light, weightless and completely relaxed.
  • Reduces the intensity of pain, lessens tension and stiffness in ankles, knees and thighs. Reduces arthritis.
  • Reduces infertility and impotency. Increases fertility.
  • Diminishes symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
  • Reduces free radicals i.e. unstable molecules that can cause tissue damage. They are now thought to be a major factor in ageing and many diseases.
  • Results in deeper and slower breathing. Reduces crises asthma, emphysema and chronic pulmonary disease.
  • Results in younger biological age. On standard measures of ageing, long term meditators are younger than their chronological age. Prolongs life expectancy.
On the Mental Level:
 Vishvas Meditation cleanses the mind, releasing all physical and emotional stress and opens the floodgates of love, contentment, peace and joy that lies buried under the blanket of unnecessary thoughts the mind is filled with.
  • Increases coherence and harmony of brain activity. Harmony of brain wave activity in different parts of the brain is associated with greater creativity, improved moral reasoning and higher I.Q.  Sharpens intellect and mental skills.
  • Enhances concentration power, contemplation power, thinking power, memory power and fitness power.
  • Increases alpha rhythms, transforming negative or stagnant energy into positive, life-affirming energy, resulting in enhanced clarity, focus, right thinking, strong will power, optimism, fearlessness, perseverance, determination and a decision making mind.
  • Heightens energy levels and work potential. Reduces absenteeism at work and better grades at school.
  • Eliminates negative emotions such as fear, anger, reactions, outrage, disappointment, depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation, irritability and moodiness, emotional turmoil etc.
  • Supports in kicking addictions and other self defeating behaviors. Complements psychotherapy and other approaches in the treatment of addiction.
  • Increases self understanding and self acceptance. Helps to heal alienation from others and the world at large. Develops self love, providing immense self confidence.
  • Develops a deeper understanding of who you are and who you may become, helping you discover where your true nature and abilities lie.

 On the Emotional Level:

 Vishvas Meditation is not just concerned with partial growth. It is concerned with you as a whole, helping you to  become aware and awakened, transforming you naturally.
  • Develops emotional strength and stability, cultivating positive inner states such as love, bliss (ananda), joy, kindness, patience, tolerance and compassion for the suffering of others.
  • Releases all negativities such as stress, worries, ego, reactions, jealousies, complexes, regrets and grudges, hence enhancing your bliss and balance, happiness and harmony, ease and equanimity.
  • Increases Sense of Acceptability. Helps in handling repressed memories. Relief from painful intrusive memories.
  • Awakens to the present moment making you live in the 'present' rather than in the past or future. Frees one from unreasonable expectations. Eliminates peer pressure.
  • Helps you get rid of all negating habits such as unnecessary criticism and judgments of self and others. Develops harmonious relationships with co-workers, family and friends. Reduces fragmentation in families.
  • Vishvas Meditation is a great family activity that helps seniors make the best of their lives and helps kids grow into adults with a more positive outlook.
  • Builds perennial inner peace and satisfaction that external circumstances cannot shake or disturb, come what may! You begin to move through the ups and downs of life courageously and peacefully, making your life richer and more fulfilled.
  • Brings expansion of awareness in the heart and mind, developing the capacity to understand fully every event in your life as it happens. You begin to understand that our home- our beautiful universe is changeable or impermanent by its very nature. You begin to understand, appreciate and make peace with the passing show of the world.
  • Helps in achieving ultimate purpose of human life - Self Actualization.


  True Love is the Other Name of Meditation
Swami Vishvas Ji states, "Materialism alone is unfulfilling, unless combined with the inner quest that provides the real answers. The world may not give us everything we want. People, philosophies, societies may disappoint us. But the love and peace we are looking for is right within us. Remember, love which is merely an emotion or a state of mind is dependant on external circumstances. As the external events alter, so does your happiness. But love that comes from the inner realms is eternal, provides unshakeable peace, the outer world not having much of an influence there. True love is the other name of Meditation that enables us to love ourselves better, forgive and forget more easily and serve our fellow human beings, our Mother Land and co-exist in harmony with the international community."

Hence, meditation is indispensable in modern times for good health, mental peace and emotional strength.