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Blessed are those who are child-like

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“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” It is one of the evils of Western Civilization that it takes of intellectual education alone and takes no notice of the heart. It makes men devoid of all human values. When there is a conflict between the heart and brain, let the heart be followed because intellect has only one state, reason and within that intellect works and cannot go beyond.

It is the heart that takes one to the highest plane where intellect can never reach. It goes beyond intellect and reaches to the state what is called inspiration. The intellect can never become inspired. Only the heart when it is enlightened becomes inspired. An intellectual heartless man can never become inspired. It is always the heart that speaks in the man of love. As Gurudev Ji recites.

दिल के आईने में है तस्वीरे यार।
जब ज़रा गर्दन झुकाई देख ली।।

A child has a pure heart and knows no reason and hatred. Jealousy in its crude form has not made an appearance in his heart. He is unfamiliar with ill feelings towards anyone. Blessed are those who are child-like because they will have pure heart and shall be God.

Love unites and hatred divides. Love does the work of a needle whereas hatred acts as a pair of scissors. You might have noticed that a tailor puts the needle in his cap but the scissors are kept under his foot. So those who do the work of uniting others and are child like are respected and those who undertake the task of dividing are disdained. Through love you can see One in all and seeing One in all is True Freedom.

Child yearns for mother and no toy or gift can replace mother permanently. There is a story, “Lost Child” which runs as follows. A child with his parents goes to see a fair. He wants to have sweets, toys, balloons etc and insists his parents to buy them for him. All of a sudden in the crowd, his hand slops from the hand of parents and he is lost. He starts crying and someone picks him up. He is offered the same objects – sweets, balloon and toys but none of them can stop his tears.

So, blessed are those who are child-like because they long for The Creator and not for His gifts. They ask for Him from Him. It is said that once God was distributing gifts from His store to the human beings. At the end when it was a closing time, a person requested God to let him serve in his store without any consideration or remuneration. He worked for a day and then he was asked about the wages. “One day is not enough” was the reply, “keep me for a week.” When one week was over, he asked for a month, a year and two years. Then God asked him, “Actually what do you want? You don’t ask for any wages.” The person said, “I don’t want anything. I just want to serve you. I want you and only you – nothing else.” Then God could see his wisdom and said, “By asking ME and nothing else, you have got everything because everything comes along with ME.”

When you want only the Giver (as child wants only mother) and not the gifts, then He will come to you (as mother comes to the child). Pray to Him in which your very soul is burning with desire for Him. You have prayed like that at some time when you were urgently in need of money or other material objects, then you burnt up ether with your desire. The Lord is found through the unceasing devotion, earnest longing and pure heart as of a child. Blessed are those who are child-like for they shall see God.

Remember the words of Jesus, “Father, Thou hast hidden these facts from the wise and prudent and last revealed unto babes.” What a true heart – throbbing statement! Through intellect and reasoning, highly learned and prudent can’t understand the mysteries of the universe but they can be revealed to child like pure souls.

The pure is heart that shall see Lord. A man of pure heart surrenders completely to God. He says – “God is the Doer not he. God alone is running the world.”

It is not necessary to pray for things to God. He knows your need before you speak and is prepared to give them before you are to ask as a child’s needs are fulfilled by mother. So we have to mould our lives like a child to have complete faith on our God and remember Him all the time. Shun all your activities and crave for Him like a child craving for mother. Be child-like, only then you shall enter the realm of God.

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