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Listen Your Inner Voice

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Generally our life is ruled by impulse, whims, moods habits and environment. We are caught in the meshes of our flickering mind and make all sort of blunders. Then we have to reap the bitter fruits of our bad deeds. “As you sow, so shall you reap and cause must bring the same effect: good, good: bad, bad and none escape the law – but whosoever wears a form must wear the chain.” It is true but beyond both name and form is, Inner Voice which is Pure, Free and Voice of your Self.

Listen to your Inner Voice which always shows you the right path. In the midst of intricacies of life it paves the clear way for you. Only you have to attend to it by keeping in mind that Inner Voice is the voice of the soul which is potentially divine. The inner voice is always there in sinner or saint, good or bad and pious or wicked. It is different matter whether this voice is loud or feeble and whether one listens to it or not.

This inner voice warns a thief, a robber or murderer that he is strengthening the chains of bondage and is forgetting his Pure, Blissful Self. He ignores his inner voice and the voice becomes faint but yet it is there. A time comes when blows hit hard and compel him to listen to that voice and sometimes it might be too late.

Before we are lost and engulfed in the same sort of situation, we must remember that all the purity and all the knowledge of the world are within ourselves from which this inner voice comes. The soul is a mine of infinite knowledge. No knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside. What we say a man knows- This statement is not true. It is rather, in strict psychological language, he discovers or unveils. What a man learns is really what he discovers by taking the covers off his own soul which is a mine of infinite knowledge.

So reach within your own Self through Vishvas Meditation and listen to your inner voice. Once there was an earthquake in one part of Japan. People run away in different corners to find shelter for themselves but there was a saint who did not move at all from his place. When there were no more tremors, people came to the holy man and asked him why he did not move. He replied that he did move within himself and found the ever-lasting peace and bliss which no earthquake could shatter.

So all the bliss, all Knowledge and all the Purity are within you from which the inner voice is to chant OM with every fibre of your body. Begin with little force; sound first comes from throat, and then comes the soundless sound from the depth of depths of the heart of hearts. The word OM is a sacred name of God.

A -> Stands for Existence, Life
U -> Stands for Knowledge, Light
M -> Stands for Bliss, Happiness

In fact your true nature is Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. OM is Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. So by undergoing Vishvas Meditation regularly, you attain Self-Realization. You will listen to your inner voice which will be your shining star showing you the way all through your life.

External world merely acts as an agent or occasion to discover what is already in the soul. We say that Newton discovered law of gravitation. He did not find it sitting somewhere in the corner waiting for him? It was in the soul. It was neither in the apple nor in anything in the centre of earth.

The falling of an apple gave the suggestion to Newton and he arranged all the previous links of thoughts in his mind and discovered a new link which we call the law of gravitation. Potential is the same or even ONE in everyone but the difference lies in manifestation.

Fire exists in a piece of flint. Knowledge exists in the soul. Suggestion is the friction that brings it out. So with all our actions and feelings, our tears and smiles, our joys and griefs, our praises and blames – every one of them we shall find, if we calmly study ourselves to have been brought out from within ourselves. That noble and pure voice, the guiding star of our life comes from within and we must listen to it.

We can make our life sublime and face the troubles and tribulations of life by listening to the inner voice. That voice will not be heard if you are drowned deep into the ignorance of arrogance and false pride. Simple and easy way to remove thick dark clouds of despondency and despair is to delve deep into Vishvas Meditation with all sincerity and devotion.

Once you tread on the spiritual path of striving to know your true nature and listen to your inner voice, you don’t have to develop good habits or leave the bad ones. Water the roots; the whole plant will get the water. Your whole personality will be developed and good character will be formed. Only you are to do regular Meditation. Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and watch and watch whatever is going on inside without indulging in any thought. Be a WITNESS.

Don’t confuse yourself with meandering zigzag paths of opening Sushmna, about the thousand petalled lotus or awakening kundalini. Don’t waste your time, all will come to you, you will attain marvelous results when you hear inner voice. Be above fear and anxiety. You will gain all knowledge. Dive deep within; delve the depths of the heart; go deeper and deeper and when all turmoil is at rest, you will listen the soundless sound of inner voice.

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