Vishvas Schools

In the field of education, the Vishvas Education Board has established several schools in Haryana, Punjab , Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh with a view to provide modern education based on spiritual and moral instructions. These schools do charge a minimal amount, for those who cannot afford it; scholarships are available for the meritorious students under the Vishvas Foster Parents Scheme. A scholarship of this kind covers a child's complete education, up through college and/or Professional College . Free tuition is also provided to needy students of Vishvas Schools.

What makes the education at Vishvas Schools so valuable is that it develops inward as well as outward facets of the student's being. They aim for a totality of life in their students, fostering a strong character and spirit of universal brotherhood. Not only are students given the elementary knowledge of English, Mathematics, Grammar, Science, History, Social Sciences etc. which is being gained alike by children all over the world, but they are instructed in the most vital element of Indian Culture, the Nectar of Vishvas Meditation. Unique in its origin to India , it is meditation that has given stature to our saints, and meditation that continues to light their memory. Indeed, the most precious gem of India has not been forgotten in these schools. Each day the children and the staff of the Vishvas Schools sit in meditation. And, contrary to what one may assume, this is not a religious teaching. Nor are these schools religious. Vishvas Meditation is secular in nature. With the introduction of meditation in education, the students have learnt to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between the extrovert and introvert aspect.

Besides this, the Vishvas Schools also aid in the preservation of important external aspects of the culture; an essential in the modern age. Included in the daily curriculum are Yoga, Devotional Music, Traditional Dance and Games. India 's ancient spiritual dignitaries are also deeply honored through the educational celebrations of national holidays.

No failure is the tradition of the Vishvas Schools. These schools have been showing excellent results every year in Boards (CBSE, Haryana & Punjab Boards etc.). All the schools have been showing 100% results with top marks in examinations for the last many years. In yoga, sports & games also the students have shown excellent performance. The students of the Vishvas Schools have been serving as torch-bearer in society to spread the message of fully awakened life.


  1. Vishvas Sr. Sec. School, U.E.-II, Hisar (Haryana)
  2. Vishvas School, Sant Nagar, Hisar
  3. Vishvas School, Patel Nagar, Hisar
  4. C.M.B. Vishvas School, Siwani
  5. V.M. Vishvas School, Mandi Adampur
  6. Vishvas School, Narnaund
  7. Vishvas High School, Barwala
  8. Chhabil Dass Vishvas Public School, Uklana Mandi
  9. Vishvas Public School, Ambala
  10. Vishvas Public School, Jagadhari
  11. B.K.M. Vishvas School, Jagadhari
  12. Vishvas School, Shahabad(M)
  13. Vishvas Public School, Bathinda
  14. Vishvas School, Sirsa (under construction)
  15. B.K.M. Vishvas School, Panchkula
  16. Vishvas Public School, Nalvi, Shahabad (M)
  17. R. R. Vishvas Public School, Solan (H.P.)
  18. Mata Shiva Devi Nagpal Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Sri Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan (Free School for poor children)
  19. Shri Jairam Chawla Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Aligarh (Free School for poor children)
  20. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Sec-3, Panchkula (Free School for poor children)
  21. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Rampura Phul (Free School for poor children)
  22. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Shahabad (M) (Free School for poor children)
  23. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Hisar (Free School for poor children)
  24. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Mandi Adampur (Free School for poor children)
  25. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Delhi (Free School for poor children)
  26. R. R. Vishvas Vidya Mandir, Kumarhatti, Solan (H.P.) (Free School for poor children)