Is Meditation for Me?

People often have queries regarding their Lifestyle, Wardrobe, Eating Habits, Age Limit, Posture in meditation, Best Timings for meditation etc. Here we clear all your doubts.

 Age Limit / Lifestyle / Wardrobe / Eating Habits

Vishvas Meditation, as propagated by Swami Vishvas Ji is a natural, simple, secular and a very scientific process, having no side effects at all.It is meant for all- irrespective of age, caste, creed, sect, religion, color, background, status, lifestyle or eating habits.

 There is no suppression or discrimination in the world of Vishvas Meditation

 Vishvas Meditation can be taken up by everyone and equally benefits everyone:

  • Whether you are a child, teenager, an adult or a senior.
  • Whether you are a student, an athlete, artist, teacher, writer, scientist, sportsman, or a simple housewife.
  • Whether you are looking for a deeper meaning in life or just a healthy, stress-free life.
  • No matter what your lifestyle, profession, eating habits or wardrobe is - you can be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, you can practice it in your blues jeans, t-shirt, Nike shoes, bathrobe or a business suit! You do not need to suppress or repress your lifestyle, eating habits etc. in order to take up meditation.

Let meditation do for you what you cannot

Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "Suppression is a Sin in Life! The moment you suppress yourself of something, your mind begins to crave for it all the more. Such is the nature of the mind. Remember, meditation is NO struggle with the mind. Meditation is not suppression. Meditation is self- awakening and awareness. Simply ADD meditation to your life and all the other qualities will automatically follow. Let meditation do for you what you cannot!"

Vishvas Meditation is not about Suppression, Conversion or Change. Vishvas Meditation is about Transformation.

Meditation is a subject of Vibrations (alpha rhythms). Here, we talk about the Posture and Timings etc. that will help you maintain the vibrations and spiritual energy generated during meditation, speeding up your inner growth.