Vishvas Medical Services

Large medical camps are arranged at various places in Punjab and Haryana from time to time. The camps arranged by Vishvas Foundation are very popular and attract a large number of patients.

Two very large medical camps were held at Hisar and Yamuna Nagar in 1985 where more than 200 specialist doctors including 40 doctors from America and U.K. provided free consultation and treatment to more than 30,000 patients at each of these camps. Medicines were supplied free of cost to these patients. All laboratory facilities including X-ray were provided free. Free food was served to all the patients and their attendants; Tea was served all day round. These camps were highly successful and 500 men and women volunteers in their uniforms worked day and night for the success of these camps. Doctors of all specialties viz., physicians, cardiologists, gastro- etiologists, skin specialists, surgeons, gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, E.N.T., Eyes, Chest and TB, pediatrician and family planning, psychiatrists and dentists attended to the patients at such camps.

Citing another instance, at one of the medical camps organized in Sirsa, there were 25000 patients of various ailments who were examined and treated by more than 125 top doctors including several from medical colleges and institutes.

Similarly, large scale eye camps, medical camps, ayurvedic and homeopathic camps, blood donation camps are held completely free of cost for the common man on a regular basis.

Vishvas Eye Camps

Vishvas Foundation has been regularly organizing very large Free Eye Camps. At these Free Eye Camps, several lacs of patients have been treated and more than a lac have been operated. In these camps, the patients are given free medicines, spectacles and a balanced satvik food. In addition to free eye operations, refraction and spectacles are also provided to the patients. Furthermore, eye hospitals are being set up at Narnaund and Barwala in Hisar District.

Free Medicines and Expenses to Poor Patients

Poor patients are also provided free medicines and other expenses for their treatment. Several patients have been provided help for major heart operations etc. ranging from Rs. 5000 to 50,000. Such operations were immediately needed for saving their lives.

Blood Donation Camps

Vishvas Foundation has already organized three Blood Donation Camps in the premises of B.K.M Vishvas School Sector-9, Panchkula. Doctors from the department of transfusion medicine P.G.I rendered their valuable services with all the sympathy and courtesy towards donors. Over hundred people donated blood for the noblest cause of even saving one's life. All Rishi Kumars & Sadhvis also donated their blood. Donors were given light refreshment and a certificate. Valuable services of respected doctors were very much appreciated with the respective shawls & bags. More than hundred units of blood have been collected in each camp. What a grand success! Such camps will be a regular feature of the services rendered by the Vishvas Foundation.

Free Eye & Dental Checkup Camp

In pursuance of the celebrations on the auspicious occasion of Sati Sadhvi Bahen Krishnamurti Vishvas Jayanti, Vishvas Foundation organized a free Eye and Dental Checkup Camp on 8-Aug-2005 in the grand premises of B.K.M. Vishvas School, Sector-9, Panchkula. Response was tremendous with more than 500 people attending the camp. Refreshments were given to everyone attending the camp. Respected doctors rendered their services with all the sympathy and courtesy towards visitors. Problems of the participants of the camp were solved by the doctors and free medicines were provided to them. In this free camp, eyes and teeth of the children of B.K.M.Vishvas School were tested and the medicines were given to them. More than expected people visited the camp and got their eyes and teeth inspected. All were urged to take food containing Vitamin A and Calcium for the protection of eyes and teeth.

Vishvas Free Ayurvedic Dispensaries

Vishvas Ayurvedic Dispensaries are providing free services to the needy patients at Bathinda & Tosham for the last many years. Thousands of needy patients are being helped by these dispensaries every year. Besides many Ayurvedic camps were arranged in Bathinda area a few years back where several hundred patients were treated in best possible manner.