Online Vishvas Meditation Room

Here, we would like to share a few links that the seekers can access directly and make practical use of the very scientific and miraculous benefits of meditation.

Process of Meditation

The Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 4 explain the actual process of meditation.

Track-1 Vishvas Meditation
Track-2 Vishvas Meditation
Track-3 Vishvas Meditation
Track-4 Vishvas Meditation


Discourse on Meditation

The Tracks 5 & 6 explain the Benefits of meditation - as to WHY meditation is indispensible/essential in modern times.

Track-5 Introduction
Track-6 Samay Nikaliye


Meditation cum Discourse

The Tracks here (7, 8, 9 & 10) consist of the meditation process & discourses, alongside.

Track-7 Vishvas Meditation
Track-8 Gurudev Mere Jeevan Ko
Track-9 Vishvas Meditation
Track-10 Bade Prem Se Do Ghari


How to do it :

At home: You may begin with 15 minutes twice a day.

At workplace: You may close your eyes for about a few seconds to a minute and meditate at regular intervals (say after every 45 min or an hour).This simple process would energize you, keeping you fresh and rejuvenated all through your busy day!

NOTE: There is no max limit for this meditation process. You can meditate for as long as you want to. Vishvas Meditation has no side effects at all - it being the simplest, natural, original and most effortless form of meditation.

Vishvas Meditation is very secular in nature. It does not propagate any sect, religion, belief or faith. Also, this meditation process is not about changing or converting! It does not ask you to change your eating habits, wardrobe or lifestyle. All it does is, provide you with a highly effective and powerful tool, to improve your life and the lives of others around you.

Vishvas Meditation is totally free: It has no fee- no charges- no package deals.Vishvas Meditation Sessions are conducted all over the world as a pure human service, extended by Vishvas Foundation - a non-profit, spiritual, social, cultural and educational organization, headquartered in Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh (Solan Distt.), and having centres all over India and abroad.

Vishvas Meditation is the simplest, natural, original and most effortless form of meditation - it does not involve any struggling, wrestling or fighting with the mind. Rather, it is a direct approach to the mind that serves as a very powerful & effective tool for Mind-Management. This meditation process has proved excellence in developing Leadership Skills, Team Work, Time Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Stress Management Skills of an individual.

With regular practice, you would be amazed at the results & rewards that Vishvas Meditation would bring - increasing your energy levels, freshness, fitness, concentration power, will power, memory power, clarity, right thinking and productivity by manifolds!

This very simple and practical meditation process dissolves & releases all negative mind states such as stress, anxiety, reactions, anger, depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation - bringing your mind-body-emotions into complete balance and harmony.

Vishvas Meditation is a gateway to True Freedom – freedom from all negativities and dualities that cause hindrance to human potential and growth.

You have more than one reason to meditate and bring about a major transformation in your perspective, attitude and approach towards situations, people and circumstances that surround your life. At the end, all the improvements in your life would begin with a NEW YOU!