Do's and Dont's

Meditation is not Bookish knowledge. Meditation is a subject of Vibrations. Meditation is LIVE !

Meditation is God's grace, Guru's grace. It is to be shared, not to be sold. Meditation has no package deal. It is not a commercial commodity of the market. Meditation is a subject of Vibrations, not bookish. It cannot be achieved by merely reading books. Meditation is a practical subject.

Here we mention certain facts about meditation that will ensure a successful journey within.


  •  Never evaluate, judge or analyze your meditation. Expectation is a big hurdle in meditation. Seeking is the subject of the 'Future'. The entire purpose of meditation is to bring you into the 'Present'.

          As Swami Ji states, "The Past is gone, the Future is unknown. So act, act, act in Present."Vishvas Meditation opens up an eternity in the 'Now'.One must embrace the present moments rather than looking for future benefits. Meditation for the sake of meditation will help you to get rid of all unnecessary and negative thoughts.

  • Never compare your meditation with that of others. Everyone is a winner in meditation which is a highly personal journey of self-discovery. The purpose of meditation is not to accomplish things but rather to realize our true nature. Vishvas Meditation softens the "Winner/Loser" aspect of competition, guiding you towards self improvement.
  • Group meditation is better for beginners.

        Swami Ji explains, "Group meditation has more vibrations. There are various therapeutic benefits of group   meditation. However, that doesn not mean that you cannot meditate individually. Do not worry about things you cannot control."

  • When you meditate, a lot of vibrations come out of you. Using a mat/blanket made of pure silk or wool will retain these vibrations. Silk and wool have such properties. The mat should not be of any cotton or synthetic material and it should not be shared with others, as we all have different vibrations.
  • Keep your spine straight when you meditate, as it keeps the energy in circulation.
  • Breathing has no role in natural meditation. Vishvas Meditation is the easiest and most natural form of meditation where you simply make no efforts at all. Just keep breathing without paying any attention to your breaths.
  • Meditation at random times each day is better than no meditation, but it is not ideal either. A regular schedule is best for a calm mind and good health. In the beginning, you may not know why it's important to meditate regularly but soon you will realize what a wondrous and beneficial thing meditation is.

    Swami Vishvas Ji prescribes a regular meditation routine for people with health problems that are basically imbalances of internal forces.

  • If it is necessary for you to place a limit on the time you spend in meditation, then it is advisable to set an alarm, so that your thoughts are not preoccupied with time.
  • Do not get disappointed if you fall asleep during meditation. It just signifies that you were tired and probably required a nap to rest your mind. If the mind-body is in a tired state, meditation first dispels all the tiredness. This helps the meditator gain relaxation and develop interest in meditation. Then, meditation starts working actively. As you progress in meditation, you will gain awakening and energy.

Meditation energizes you, strengthens your willpower, gives you balance and suffuses you with bliss. It's a wonderful tonic for good health. Develop concentration and contemplation, right thinking and relaxation through Vishvas Meditation.



The quality of one's existence is one's own responsibility. Transform yourself first and then you can change the world around too!