Why Meditation

Why Meditation ?

We ask you Why Not !

If the mind is healthy, physical health would last.
Else, one day it would be a thing of the past!

It is Meditation that provides you total health - shining good health - unshakeable by external circumstances!

When it comes to good health, most people relate it to merely physical fitness. They believe that just being physically fit is an assurance for good health, happiness and balance. However, little do they realize that the physical body is an assimilation of myriads of cells, nerves, organs and functions, all guided and controlled by the mind! The mind is the real powerhouse that controls and balances all chemical reactions & processes of the body. You may spend hours gymming, cycling, swimming, walking or performing yogic asans or exercises, in an effort to attain a toned & strong body, however, the minute stress or negativity occurs in any form, if the mind is not strong or healthy enough to handle it, it sets into an over thinking mode, in turn uprooting and disturbing the physical functions and processes of the body. Eventually, the physical health also goes for a toss, as if it never existed! Once gone, it becomes even more difficult to get back the physical health we had been running after!

Remember, physical health alone is temporary.
Health can never last unless treated as a WHOLE!

Complete health is a symphony of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. There is so much that happens in this journey called Life! A strong body alone cannot generate the will power, tolerance, clarity and positivity required to handle and overcome the difficulties, negativities, pressures and ups & downs of life! These are the qualities of a sound mind. This is where meditation comes into the picture. It is meditation that equips you with a strong and sound mind, directly impacting the physical body as well, bringing all your hormones and chemicals into complete balance, developing all round health & harmony(both physical & mental). Meditation is a natural medicine bestowed upon us by the Universe to provide us total health - and this medicine comes totally free!

Vishvas Meditation ( VM ) is the Simplest, Natural and most Original form of meditation: No suppressing, controlling, struggling, fighting or wrestling with the mind !
VM is very secular in nature: It does not propagate any sect or religion. It is very scientific in nature and is only concerned with self - improvement or improvisation.
VM is effortless: It is the most easiest and direct meditation that brings about miraculous improvement in no time!
VM has no fee or charges: Vishvas Foundation conducts these sessions all over India and abroad, totally free of cost, under the benign guidance of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji.
Vishvas Meditation has NO FEE – NO CHARGES- NO PACKAGE DEALS.

As Swami Vishvas Ji says: "Meditation is God's grace, Guru's Grace. It is to be shared, not to be sold. It can never be made a commercial commodity. Meditation is a subject of Vibrations, not bookish knowledge. In fact it can be attained very easily in the company of a Spiritual Master, an Awakened Soul."

HOW to do it:
Meditation, if practiced in its original & natural form, is the fastest and most effective way to lasting health & balance.

It is as simple as this:

Simply close your eyes and look within.

Watch Your Mind – Directly !

Whatever the mind projects, whether there is darkness, emptiness or loneliness – simply watch it!

If thoughts arise - simply watch them!

Just be a seer, be a witness, be an observer!

No matter how good, bad or ugly the thought may be, remember, it is just a thought – transient and temporary! No thought lasts forever. Moreover, all thoughts, positive or negative, rob you of energy. So during meditation, why indulge in anything temporary and waste our precious present moments and energy.

When in meditation:
Do not judge – do not analyze – do not imagine – do not concentrate – do not recite – do not visualize- do not suppress – do not condemn, any of your thoughts. Do not do anything in meditation! Instead, simply watch all mind's play as a non-doer, as a bystander, an observer - without participating, preferring or siding with any thought.

Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "We are all blessed with the 'third eye' to look within directly. We do not require any concentration technique, method, medium or support to enter within or depend upon. To watch is our true and original nature. When this watchfulness turns inwards, it is called Meditation."
All concentration techniques, visualization methods, recitation mantras are merely mental exercises that would keep you within the domain of the mind and further strengthen THE MIND'S habit of doing. That is NOT meditation! It is the constantly over active mind that generates all negativity. So, if you continue to give your mind something or the other to do in meditation also, the entire purpose of meditation gets defeated! The purpose of meditation is to bring you to a state where there is total rest, relaxation, peace, harmony and balance. These are the qualities that lie Beyond Mind when the mind comes to rest. You cannot experience absolute calm, rest and serenity if the mind is indulging in some or the other activity - such as focusing, reciting, visualizing etc. You have done enough mental activities in the outer world. Now stop doing them when you enter within! Hence, when in meditation, do not give your mind anything to do. Rather, simply watch your mind, its thoughts - as an observer, a non-doer, a neutral energy.

Here, we must understand that watching is not an activity. To watch is our true nature. Watching does not require any effort. The moment you close your outer eyes, you automatically start witnessing within. Watching is a natural process. Stay tuned with your real nature when in meditation. Your nature is to watch. You are not the doer. You are the Seer, the Observer, the 'Sakshi'. That is your true nature. Arise, awake, be aware of the mind's play - simply remain a witness to it. ( See link Busting Myths'Busting Myths')

Remember, mind is the greatest politician, the greatest engineer.
It would try every trick to engulf you. If there has been any event in the past that hurts or upsets you, the mind would bring up just that, hence a politician! If you refuse to get carried away with such negativities, the mind might just build the most positive, rosy & pleasant imaginations to engulf you, hence an engineer! Either ways, it tries to trick you - by creating a web around you.

No More! Be brave. Be aware. Be awakened. Be a witness. Remember, you are the Master, the Sun shining inside. Do not get carried away with the mind's play. If you do, come back ! Retreat !!!

How it helps:
As you stop participating in the mind's monkey like play, and continue to remain a witness, the thoughts cannot move further without your permission. They stop multiplying. Eventually, all unnecessary thoughts begin to dissolve and a state of thoughtlessness comes to happen naturally, without any force or efforts - which is full of health, happiness, positivity and all mind powers such as will power, memory power, concentration power, right thinking, energy and complete balance.
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