Meditation at work

At office, you can meditate even on your chair, in any comfortable pose. Remember, if the body is not comfortable, the mind won't be at ease. Set an alarm so that you are not preoccupied with time while meditating. Also, you may close your eyes partially, so that if something demands your urgent attention, you can adjust more quickly. But if you do not wish to be bothered, close eyes fully - which would be ideal. Now, follow the process of Vishvas meditation. Watch your mind, thoughts as a witness, a nondoer. This process fades away all unnecessary thoughts, bringing you into the 'now', keeping you fresh, joyous, and highly attentive throughout your work time. A few minutes of this process, at regular and appropriate intervals, makes your mind stronger and productive. You may even have a quick session during tea or lunch break. Those with a field job, can practise this while travelling.

But remember, it should be performed for the sake of it, and not to achieve any end. The aim of Vishvas Meditation is not to accomplish things but to experience them, and while doing so, you begin to excel in your work.

Swami Vishvas Ji says, "The human brain is a storehouse of potential that can accomplish the most amazing tasks. However, what holds us back are unnecessary fears and doubts nurtured by the mind, which happens when we spend too much time in the past or future. Meditation is an inner cleansing of the mind that rewards us with the 'present', helping us discover our hidden treasures and potential."