making our living and communication easier. But unfortunately, it is often accompanied by a whole new array of stress!

Be it the physical strain of spending hours operating the machines or sitting in front of the computer, or the over ambitions of wanting too much too soon that often leave us exhausted mentally and emotionally - the current century is facing it all! Here, meditation is the best solution, being an oasis of peace.

Meditation is a very practical and flexible inner technology that resolves our inner issues, making our lives stress-free, richer and more fulfilled, in this modern age. It can be practiced by everyone and benefits everyone - whether you are an athlete, artist, teacher, writer, scientist, teenager, senior or a simple housewife, whether you are looking for a deeper meaning in life or simply a stress-free life, no matter what your lifestyle, profession, eating habits or wardrobe is - you can practice it in your blues jeans, T-shirts, Nike shoes, bathrobe or business suit.

Vishvas Meditation is a very simple process of watching your mind, your thoughts as an observer. This process dissolves all unnecessary thoughts and brings you into the 'now', releasing all stress, worries, complexes, grudges and unnecessary criticisms of the self and others, hence enhancing your bliss, balance, love and determination. You begin to move through the ups and downs of life more courageously and peacefully. Life is either 'now' and 'here' or else its nowhere.

Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "Materialism alone is unfulfilling, unless combined with the inner quest that provides the real answers. The world may not give us everything we want. People, philosophies, societies may disappoint us. But the love and peace we are looking for is right within us. Remember, love which is merely an emotion or a state of mind is dependant on external circumstances. As the external events alter, so does your happiness. But love that comes from the inner realms is eternal, provides unshakeable peace, the outer world not having much of an influence there. "

"True love is the other name of Meditation that enables us to love ourselves better, forgive and forget more easily and serve our fellow human beings, our Mother Land and co-exist in harmony with the international community."

Hence, meditation is indispensable in modern times for good health and mental peace.