meditating-at-sunriseThe word 'meditation' comes from the word 'medication' or 'medicine', which means 'to cure'. Meditation is a powerful ally in the process of recovery and healing of stress.

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Vishvas meditation is a very simple process that quietens the mind, resolving your sleep problems naturally. If performed at bedtime, it will help you have a sound sleep.

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Vishvas Meditation is a science that leads you to the field of self-experience, leaving no questions unanswered. It has nothing to do with sects, isms or blind faith. It is all about being in the 'now' and leading a happier and healthier life.

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cleanse-your-mindVishvas meditation, as propagated by Swami Vishvas Ji, is not just concerned with partial growth. It is concerned with you as a whole, helping you to transform yourself totally.


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