Why Meditation

We are indebted with great happiness while offering these cassettes of bhajans and discourses replete with love, devotion, melody, detachment and divine ecstasy in the heartfelt and most eloquent words of our most revered Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, the Great Realized Sage of India. Since time immemorial, the devout, the Seekers of Truth, the Aspirants threaded their sentiments in the couplets and expressed them in the shape of Bhajans unto the Lotus Feet of their Guru. With the passage of time, as the changes occur in the country, time and the conditions, the language and grammar of the expressions kept changing but the sentiments are felt to be natural and the essence remained the same. Be it the Treta Yuga's Bhelini Shabri, the Goddess Radha & Her comrades of Dwapar or Kali Yuga's great saints - Meera Bai, Surdas, Nanak, Kabir, Raidas, Eknath, Tuka Ram, Namdev or the other devout who blessed the sacred land of India during Bhakti Movement, despite the drastic change in the mode of their expressions, the soul remained the same. All the Realized Souls, Rishis, Munis, and the devout blessed the aspirants of their times by divulging unto them, their feelings, experiences, discourses and the secrets of life in the then prevalent system. Subsequently by the course, the interpretation of their compositions corresponded to the changing conditions of the times. The seekers got directed through them, no doubt, but their thirst of God could not be enriched, perhaps because they were unable to coordinate with the interpretations in the changing environment.


Now, again the devout, the aspirants the true seekers of Truth of India who are treading the path of Self-Realization got blessed, as with the grace of God the gap was filled that had occurred in the void of saints, with the advent of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji. We deliberately chose to bring out the Bhajans composed by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji in the simple language that can be easily understood by all people, especially the young people.


Gurudev Shri Ji has expounded the secrets of spirituality in the simple language and manner, which on being listened by the audience, they will attain their Real Self by diving deep within themselves and will imbibe upon all the human and divine qualities as well. Gurudev Shri Ji when He is so graceful as to come out with His Ideology and vibrated Bhajans, the lovelorn seekers of Truth plunge into the depth of meditation automatically.


So, by repeatedly listening to His ambrosial Bhajans, one gets deeply absorbed in meditation which fills him with rapturous divine ecstasy so much so that his heart overflows and the occult secrets of Self-Realization are divulged upon him. The most remarkable feature is that as much as you will find this collection drifted away from the established track, it will be nearer to your Real Self. The simple language rendering of these bhajans, sufi kalams , and the songs of devotion in three languages- Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi will completely transform your life's perspective. As Gurudev Shri Ji exhorts:-

What hath ye done, if thou have loved all others and not loved thy own Real self
What, ‘O' man, if thou have gained the entire world and lost thy own Real Self
What hath ye given, if thou have not sacrificed thy ego unto thy Master Beloved
Nothing ‘O' Man, why doth thou applaud thy achievements so transitory of world

Alas! Alexander, the Great, died empty-handed even having won the world's empire
Again, what, if thou have not gained the ultimate victory over thy own mind's empire

Vishvas Sangeet has been continuously putting strenuous efforts to make bhajans & discourses of Gurudev Shri Ji easily available for the common folk. ‘Vishvas Meditation Retreats' are being organized in almost all parts of the country by Vishvas Foundation and the bhajans & the public discourses rendered forth by Gurudev Shri Ji in these Retreats are being brought out by Vishvas Sangeet in the form of audio & video cassettes. Vishvas Sangeet has brought out approximately 600 audio/video cassettes, CDs & DVDs each up till now.