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Vishvas Meditation – The Quest

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No Technique Meditation

We have come across several types of processes to relieve us from existing hectic schedules, stressful lives and the best solution-which has emerged involves VISHVAS MEDITATION. Various techniques are projected to practice meditation such as concentration, control in breathing, others involve certain yogic exercises, some others emphasize on open eye Meditation and so on. Such techniques are quite prevalent. But, to our ignorance meditation is a process which is in-fact above all steps or techniques; truly speaking to turn into your inner being doesn't require any technique.

Since Meditation is our real nature, it is not an outward phenomenon which should be taught or categorized; rather the need is to retreat. Still, we are blindly running behind above mentioned techniques in order to regain, reacquire lost peace, equanimity and balance in life. If you are taught or made to believe that only blind faith in a particular subject can quench our thirst, then introspect and you will find the answer 'No'. We have forgotten our true self, our own inner legacy. Meditation should not be searched outside, it lies within and that is precisely why we are running outside looking for techniques of meditation prove to be futile always-they do not give you the desired result. They may result in temporary peace and concentration, but it would never last. Meditation is not a market's commodity or a bookish subject. It is an inner aspect which we're deprived of, because since birth we're bound to lead a complete extrovert life, forgetting our introvert aspect as a whole.

So, TURN BACK INSIDE in REAL MEDITATION which requires no technique. VISHVAS MEDITATION is no blind faith. Find it out for yourself, if it is fake or real. Judge with your eyes; the eyes of a quest, curiosity, thirst. Your inner eye will provide the solution. Thirst is the measurement and if you want to meet your Real Self and again eternal peace and bliss that are unshakeable by external circumstances, come what may then RETRACE YOUR STEPS.

And if you are lucky enough to have found a Spiritual Master, an enlightened soul who Himself has undergone SELF-MANIFESTATION, then His presence would speed up the process.

Guru-the Spiritual Master leads the aspirant from darkness to light, the darkness of unnecessary thoughts, negative emotions, anxieties, aspirations, deformities etc.

When the sea of life gets choppy
I reach out for your hand
Because you're the one that guides me
Safely back to land.
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