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Desire nothing but ‘HIM’

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तुध बिन होर जे मंगना, सिर दुःखां दे दुःख


Man’s existence is due to the mercy of Supreme Being for which he cannot put any claim.  He is totally unfaithful and forgetful that his abode on this planet is only on unreliable lease which can be terminated at any time without giving any notice.  Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites in his holly voice:

मो सम कौन कुटिल खल कामी
जिस तन दियो सोई विसरायो, ऐसो नमक हरामी

We are so ungrateful that we have forgotten the creator but crave for His creation.  We wish to have the gifts but don’t wish to remember the Giver.  Shadow is significant to us and not the substance.  The whole life is spent in searching the horse and not the rider.  A man was distributing sweets in a temple on losing his horse. To silence the amazement of people, he said that the rider was saved.

Gifts, pleasures, enjoyments are fleeting.  Not only that, even near and dear ones are not to stay with us forever.

संग सखा सब तज गयो, कोई न निभियो साथ

कह नानक इस विपद में, टेक एक रघुनाथ


All the dear and near ones deserted us at one time or another.  None stayed with us forever.  Only He who is our own true self and who is our own Being never leaves us.  A voice comes from the innermost, “you are the children of Bliss. You are souls immortal.  You are not the combination of few molecules to be disintegrated sooner or later”.  That voice is silenced by the boisterous mind which weaves a web of negativities all around and we hear

कई सिकंदर आये जग में, गए खाली हाथ

उजड़ गया बाग, या फिर बिछड़ गया माली


Many powerful personalities like Alexander the Great wielding great power came on this earth but departed empty-handed.  Either the beautiful Orchard was deserted or the Master, Saviour had to leave. That is why it is said:

किस संग कीजे मित्रता, सब जग चलन हार

निश्चय केवल है प्रभु, उस संग करो प्यार



The whole world is in a flux.  With whom should we establish our ever-lasting relationship?  Only God, our own true Being is All-existent and All Bliss.  He is the only one to be loved.

तुध बिन होर जे मंगना, सिर दुःखां दे दुःख


In the words of Swami Vivekanand:-

“God is the soul of our souls, our inner Self.  No wonder we love Him.  Whom else or what else can we have?  We want to be steady flame burning without flame”.

Rabindra Nath Tagore exclaims in Gitanjali:- 

“Wealth and fame come from thee and it is for thee to give or withhold them.  But this my sorrow is absolutely mine and when I bring it to thee as my offering, thou reward me with grace”.


“I am certain that priceless wealth is in thee and that thou art my best friend (तुध बिन होर जे मंगना, सिर दुःखां दे दुःख) but I have not the heart to sweep away the tinsel that fills my room”.


“The shroud that covers me is the shroud of dust and death, I hate it, yet hug it in love”.

In the next stanza, Tagore describes His love for us.  “Such is thy love for me.  If I call not thee in my prayers, if I keep not thee in my heart, thy love for me still waits for my love”. The source of Happiness and Bliss is within all of us.  We are the Happiness incarnate?  We are the glorious sun.  We are the Kings of immortal Bliss.  Why should we behave like beggars at the doors of gods and goddesses?  Develop the faith in Him, in your inner strength and in your own real Self God.

The question arises why do we behave like beggars where we are the repository of immortal bliss?  It is the mind which makes us beggars and exhibits our weaknesses and limitations.  It is a master of creating gloom and doom and weaving a web of negativities.  If builds an adamantine wall against our true nature which is All-Existent, All Knowledge and Bliss.  All the scriptures and saints proclaim with one voice that shinning self-effulgent lies within all of us and without any exception.  We all have got third eye to get its vision.  This boisterous mind stood as a Himalaya and we forgot all about Third Eye, Shiv Netra, our true nature and the shining Sun.

All we are left with is the restless mind which asks for moon and will not be silenced even if it gets the moon.  Peace is not its nature because in itself it is in pieces.  It was supposed to serve us and was given to us as an instrument and we were the masters.   In course of time, this mind became our master.  Not only that we started considering ourselves nothing but mind.  We forgot all our remembrance with a begging bowl and completely forgot that Self is not living in Seventh heaven or hell but within our own inner self, true-self.


It is the mediation which would raze the wall of reckless mind.  Unfortunately meditation is considered to be a commodity of market to be bought and sold for some worldly pastimes and pleasures.  It is misinterpreted as a technique of concentration.  Concentration is of mind and meditation is no-mind.  It is going beyond mind.  As day and night can’t stand together, meditation and mind can’t stay together.  Meditation is the absence of mind and there is no intrinsic possibility that mind can understand meditation.  It is God’s and Guru’s grace to be given freely and it is not bookish.  It is a subject of vibrations.  In deep meditation, Bhav would come up with a voice:-

तुध बिन होर जे मंगना, सिर दुःखां दे दुःख



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