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Quicken Inner Search

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This life is a dual throng of pleasure and pain; sun and shade; success and failure; joy and sorrow; smiles and tears; calmness and restlessness. We only wish to have the light and not darkness, pleasure and not pain, happiness and not sorrow. Knowing fully well that he who smiles today may have to shed tears sooner or later, we hope that it may not happen in our case but it seldom happens.

It is because our search for happiness and permanent bliss in the external ephemeral world is wrong. There is divine bliss within all of us. None of us is bereft of permanent bliss, which lies within all of us without any exception. All the saints and sages of the world have hammered this fact upon us. “The kingdom of heaven is within.” So search has to be within. In order to lead a peaceful and blissful life, we must quicken inner search.

Transfer your attention from mental wanderings to meditation, from restlessness to peace and from peace to bliss within. The simplest and easiest way for inner search is meditation. Meditation is an inner journey towards your own source, your own self, your true nature, your own treasure. Our true nature is All Existence, All knowledge and Bliss.

That is the only Reality and there is but one Reality which is omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient and that Reality is Myself and that is within. All this outer phenomena of birth and death; success and failure; pleasure and pain; joy and sorrow is not real. It is everyone’s experience that whenever troubles and tribulation surmount us and we are crest-fallen, we get all the support and succor from within and not from without.

No external help can take us out of misery if we don’t pay attention to our inner Self, which is guiding us all the time provided we care to pay attention to Him within. It is not a frothy talk. We have to put our shoulders to the wheel and start inner search through meditation. Do spare some time for your own self – inner self whereas you spend all the time and energy for others and you have got nothing but stress and strain in return.

Build your inner environment. Practice silence. Be with people in silence. Don’t spend precious time and energy in idle talk and don’t lead an aimless life. The way of peace is “to go back to your inner castle. Be alone within. Life should be chiefly selfless service. When in selfless service we forget the little self, we quicken the inner search and feel the higher self of spirit.

The way to quicken inner search is to be at peace within our being in all circumstances of success or failure; joy and sorrow; ups and downs. Come what may, we remain even-minded feeling the certainty that Divinity is within all of us and we are to search for it. Not only that we have to quicken inner search.

How? Maintain a balance between your material – outer life and spiritual inner life. Live in the world but don’t let the world live within you. Be in the world but not of it. Let the boat stay in water and don’t let the water enter the boat. Let not fears, worries, discontent and unhappiness all disturb our lasting inner peace, which is our property.

Be calmly active and actively calm. Not be over-active, able to earn money but not able to enjoy it. Before embarking upon any important venture, we should sit peacefully and calmly and take upon our inward journey shutting ourselves completely from outer world and asking Self for His Blessings.

Of course, it has to be done regularly and persistently. Once in a while an effort made to sit in silence would result in restlessness. Wild thoughts would rush in. Peace would be shattered. It would become impossible to sit calmly and peacefully and the result would be a disaster or frustration. If we apply force to mind to be quiet and peaceful, it revolts against us and we surrender before its mighty power.

To quicken inner search for peace and tranquility, Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji has blessed us with the unique gift of Vishvas Meditation. No effort is to be made to control the mind. We are just to watch the mind. We are to be non-doer. Inner technology starts working and inner search starts when we sit in a comfortable posture with eyes closed.

We are to watch and watch wakefully and persistently whatever is seen within. We are not to interfere or imagine anything. We are just to be a witness and witness only. We would be swept away in thoughts and forgot about wakefulness and watchfulness. We must never lose heart. Swami Ji says that it is the task of heroes and brave persons to be a witness to one’s thoughts and to watch your mind.

Persistent effort does pay. Through regular meditation, thoughts do diminish and eventually vanish and we go beyond mind and quicken our inner search. We realize our true nature, which is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. It is in our own hands to realize whether we are roaring lions or bleaching sheep. All the power is within all of us. So let us not delay. Let us quicken inner search through meditation, selfless service, observing silence and staying in solitude as far as possible.

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