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Immense treasure is hidden there behind numerous wayward thoughts.  It is estimated that a man has 50,000 thoughts in a day.  They are coming from nowhere, somewhere and elsewhere;  North, South, East and West, right, left, up and down. They rush in mind just like traffic chaos without any rules and regulations.  Our mind is like a television screen. Thoughts, desires, a thousand and one things are passing, it is always rush hour.  And the road is almost like a chaos road – no traffic rules, everybody is going in every direction.  One has to watch it without any evaluation, without  judgment, appreciation or condemnation, simply watching as if it does not concern you, it has nothing to do with you, and you are just a witness.  If you can manage a few moments of witnessing, you will be surprised how much bliss happens, how ecstatic you become.

Real treasure is within you and the real conquest has to be made there.  It is such a ridiculous thing that we go on searching for something which we have already got but we never look within.  We look everywhere else, we can go to the each and every corners of earth or even to the moon in search of some illusionary pleasure – just one territory we never enter, and that is our own BEING.

अपनी ना की तलाश बड़ी चूक ये  हुई
बरसों किये ख़राब खुदा तलाश में हमने

Meditation is a simple way of entering that territory.  It is the ultimate adventure.  It is an end in itself.  It is not a means to attain something – peace, silence or Divine.  It just creates the situation, surrounding in which peace comes, silence comes and Divine comes but they are not the results.  One immersed in deep meditation does not worry about the result.  It you are hankering after the results, then meditation is not for you.  Meditation is a non-doing state in which we are to do nothing but witnessing whatever is happening within the mind or body.  Thick darkness and an infinite caravan of thoughts, feelings, desires and sensation is hovering over the sky of mind.  We just witness just as we are standing on the side of a road watching the traffic without indulging ourselves in evaluation, judgment, appreciation or condemnation.  Just only by witnessing thoughts will diminish and disappear and Bliss will appear and there will be the state of no-mind.

If witnessing is 90%, mind is 10%.  If witnessing is 100%, absolute and total, mind disappears and becomes no-mind which is the state of Meditation.  Meditation is not concentration, contemplation and thinking. It is awareness, alertness, wakefulness, freshness and watchfulness.  It is an understanding that we are to be watchful without any effort.  Watching is not an effort, it is our nature (dekhna hamara Swabhav hai) effort is something we have to do and watching is something which we have not to do.  It is already there, it is our heart-beat, and it is our natural capacity.  So without making any effort on our part in a very relaxed manner, we simply have to watch and watch and witness whatever is happening within.

Witnessing can be called the seed and enlightenment the flowers; but start from witnessing and it will start growing.  Go on nourishing it; go on looking after it; go on watering it; go on caring for it and strengthen it in every possible way. One day it will blossom and that will be the greatest day of your life.  Regular and persistent meditation is required for that.  Only one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, mind will be washed away completely of twenty two hours of wayward wandering of mind.  Meditation ought to be a part and parcel of our life.  Meditation is wakefulness, awareness, alertness, freshness and thoughtlessness.  If we are fully aware and conscious of ourselves, we are in Meditation.

That means we are not the slaves of mind.  We are our own masters and we are fully aware and awake.  Thoughts are not an obsession.  They are the instruments.  When we ask the mind to ‘stop’, it will stop.  At the moment, mind doesn’t listen to us because we have co-operated so much with it that we are on its mercy.  We are over the moon when it is happy and we are doomed when it is gloomy.  Meditation is going beyond mind.  In no way it is controlling the mind because every control results in repression.  Whenever it gets chance, it comes up with a vengeance. A controlled mind is just like serpent which appears lifeless and dead due to starvation and cold. Once given the heat and food, it not only comes to life but it bites even.  So the controlled mind create havoc and disaster in life whenever it gets a chance and the situation arises.

So our scriptures says and Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that the only ultimate adventure in life is Meditation. Delve deep into meditation and then you will forget about meditation and about yourself.  All you (your) experience will be BLISS.  When you have full flame of Awareness, you forget about Awareness. All you feel is Bliss. ‘Bhav’ surfaces and a voice comes from within:

तेरी याद में रोना, यह प्यास हमारी है
विरह का इक आँसू, कई शास्त्रों से भारी है

Then you are at your Centre, you are coming from here to here where you have always been but you are not aware.  We become really human only when we start moving in the inner direction of possessing ourselves towards Centre.  It can happen through Meditation. Money and Meditation are two directions.  If you want to possess things, money.  If you want to possess yourself, meditation.  And if you possess yourself, money loses all meaning.

कर लै दिल दी सफाई, जे दीदार चाहिदा
तू  जहां तों की लेना तैनू  यार चाहिदा

The ultimate adventure in life is meditation which is the nectar of all scriptures. It replaces medication.  The boisterous mind does not stand as a Himalaya between you and your Self.  It does not wage a war against mind.  It is not concentration, contemplation and thinking.  It can never be bought and it can be only achieved through watching and witnessing.

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