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The Wandering Mind

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Mind has been compared to a maddened monkey restless by nature, stung by the Scorpio of jealousy at the success of others, drunk with the wine of desire and possessed by the demon of pride. Mind is the most complex thing in the world. You cannot hold it in the hand or test tube. It travels on two ropes of past and future. Either it dwells in the past which is gone forever or it makes castles in the air about the future which has not appeared and there is no certainty that it will happen. Actually both of them are false-one will never appear again and the other one is in total darkness and none knows about it. The whole of reality is present, which is death-knell for mind. Mind does not exist in present because mind is a store-house of thought which need a space to jog around and present is too small for them to move.

Present is so small for them to move that thoughts cannot exist. They need a little space to play around, to jog around. The present movement cannot contain any thoughts in mind, so mind cannot exist in present. When we are in present, mind is not. Mind is an expert about the past and about the future and both are not; the past is no more and the future has not happened. So mind lives in false – either that which is no more or that which is not yet, both are unreal. So mind either runs backward or forward but the mind is never now, never here.

The whole art of mediation is to be here now. To be here now means that we have slipped out of the wandering mind. And to slip out of mind even for a second is of tremendous importance because then we see the reality present, existence is reality. It is not hidden somewhere in the remote past or unforeseen future. Our mind is continuously talking day-in and day-out and if inner talk drops even for a moment, we are able to have a glimpse of no mind. That is what meditation is. That is the true state, that is our state of utmost serenity silence peace without any ripples or disturbances and bliss. When mind becomes no mind, the obstinate ego is obliterated; we get in touch with our true being.

Spirituality has a deep acceptance of whatever is tathatta, suchness is the case. Whatever is the case, one has to accept and relax into it. Relaxation is the dimension of spiritual and meditation. Mind brings tension, anxiety, worry and fear of the future. It knows no relaxation. It cannot have peace because every force on control results in repression. Meditation is to find the quiet which is already there. Meditation is not the faculty of the mind. It is not the concentration of mind. It has got nothing to do with mind except going beyond it.

Meditation is no-mind. Mind cannot create meditation. It is getting out of mind and becoming the watcher of mind witnessing all that goes through the mind- desires, thoughts, imaginations, anxiety, worry, ambitions and dual throng of joy, sorrow, pleasure, sun and shade. We witness anything or everything that goes on in and around mind. We just become the witness of mind without interfering with its complexities. Slowly and slowly this witnessing grows strong, more centred and oriented. Suddenly we understand that we are not the mind. We are the witness of mind and mind is outside us as anything else.

We witness whatever is going on within the body and mind. We witness that we are not the body, mind, thoughts, intellect or a spiral body, we witness that we are the witness. Without any involvement or any interference; appreciation or condemnation; evaluation or judgement, we witness our thoughts; we witness our mind as we are standing on the bank of stream watching the waves rising high or falling low. Meditation covers a very long pilgrimage. When we say” Meditation is witnessing,” it is beginning of pilgrimage. When we say” Meditation is no-mind, it is the completion of pilgrimage. If witnessing is 90%, mind is 10% when witnessing is 100%, mind disappears. The road is empty and the screen of mind is empty and we have the glimpse of no-mind. That is meditation-laying aside the mind.    

This wandering mind is just like a serpent looking as dead suffering from hunger and cold. It appears harmless. Once the proper feed and heat is given, it hisses, attains life and even bites. If the poisonous fangs are taken out, it does not matter whether the snake is alive or dead. With self realization and enlightenment through deep meditation and witnessing, mind loses its wandering and becomes no-mind. We have to start with witnessing. Go on witnessing whatever is happening while being totally indifferent. Go on watering, nourishing, and nurturing witnessing. Witnessing is the seed and enlightenment is the flower. Self-realization is the blossom where mind loses completely all its vagaries. It becomes no-mind and we enjoy the ever-lasting bliss.

Meditation must not be a fragmented thing-an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and rest of the time in no-meditation. Whatever we may be doing or not doing, our meditation continues which means we are witnessing all the time. While walking, we are witnessing. We are witnessing while eating or working on computer or washing clothes. We are aware and conscious all the time whatever we are doing or not doing. This awareness leads to the state of self realization.

Meditation creates a state out of which silence arises, peace arises and divine arises. These are not the results. We do not expect anything out of meditation expectation is a great barrier. It is not at all controlling the vagabond mind. Meditation is not control or concentration at all with any object. Meditation is done for sake of meditation. It is not at all mind’s effort. It is not an effort at all. It is total relaxation. It is a wakeup call. Swami sh. Gurudev vishvas Ji wakes up:-

जागो रे सोने वालों कोई तुम्हें जगाने आया।
मैडिटेशन का मौसम तुमको मस्त बनाने आया।।

Wake up! Wake up snoring in deep slumber. The glorious meditation is awaiting here to make you blissful and free from the clutches of boisterous and wandering and restless mind.

Every control results in repression. So wanderings of mind cannot be controlled. Sit silently, patiently, without hurry, without any tension, without any anguish, without any stress or strain, move to your centre instantly, step into your inner self, total self, inner being, total being, and witness being immediately. Make it urgent, most important on the top of your laundry list but now it is at the bottom of your laundry list which becomes bigger and bigger and is never finished till you are finished.

मैं और मेरा यार एक ही बस्ती में बसते हैं।
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है, कि दर्शन को तरसते हैं।।

Self destroys wanderings of mind.

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