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Meditation Demystified

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Meditation is a non-doing state of continuous watchfulness and wakefulness of whatever is going on inside the screen of your inner self after closing the eyes. Observe and just whatever is going on inside without any involvement or expectation. It may be thick darkness and dead silence. There may be an un-ending crowd of wayward thoughts of past and present. Be a witness, a neutral energy. Don’t get involved in any thoughts and if you do, come back to the position of witnessing in a very natural way without any stress or strain. Meditation removes all the stress and strain.

Vishvas Meditation is a wonderful inner journey, a real pilgrimage which takes us:

From stress to serenity;
From medication to meditation;
From tension to tranquility;
From doing to being;
From known to unknown;
From mind to Master.

Meditation is not forcing the mind to be quiet. It is to find the quiet that is already there. Our true nature is all blissful and peaceful.

Our true personality begins to develop when we realise through deep meditation that we are not this solid body but are the divine current of life and consciousness within the body. When we go deep in Meditation, we experience a great feeling of indescribable bliss which Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas ji recites in meditation retreates:

मैं नहीं जानता बहते आँसुओं का सबब,
तू बेसबब मेरे इन आँसुओं को बहने दे

Thousands of aspirants and devotees experience that bliss in meditation and enjoy a healthy and wealthy life which is total and not one-sided. It does not ignore the external world but at the same time internal world is fully taken care of. We get attached to our source, our true nature, our third eye.

Meditation is the most easy, natural form. It is the simple process of looking within and becoming an observer to the happenings of the inner world. We do not have to do anything; no mantra, no word, no recitation nothing. Simply close your eyes and look within continuously just like a continuous chain of oil poured from one vessel to another.

When we watch our thoughts continuously without being involved, thoughts do diminish gradually and eventually disappear. We do get connected to our source but all this happens spontaneously. We are to do nothing but to watch and watch wakefully.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about meditation. So much so that it is considered to have side-effects. When in meditation, you don’t have to do anything but to observe naturally and spontaneously. Can it have any side-effects? How can the nectar of scriptures have any side-effect? Actually, it is concentration which has got side-effects and meditation is confused with concentration.

Meditation is not concentration.

Generally, it is preached that we should concentrate on some object or word or mantra in meditation in order to control the mind; which seems to be an uphill task. Mind is compared to a maddened monkey, restless by nature. So we fail miserably when we try to concentrate or control the mind. It creates havoc when it is forced to stay in present because its existence is in the past or future.

In meditation, we become the seer, the witness of mind and regain our mastership over mind. Before embarking upon inward journey, we are slaves of the mind and consider ourselves nothing but the mind. We are at the top of the world when the mind is cheerful: depressed mind makes us miserable. It is meditation which dawns upon us that we are not the body, mind and intellect. We are the pure, the effulgent one. We are the master of the mind.

Meditation is not hypnotism.

Hypnotism is a state, like sleep, in which the subjects act only on external suggestions. Meditation is full awareness of your own self in which you own mastership: external suggestions do not enter into the realms of meditation. We embark upon the inner blissful journey, in meditation, leaving the external world far behind. In the beginning, wayward thoughts of external world crowd the inner world, but through persistent watching, these thoughts diminish gradually and disappear eventually: we experience bliss and meet our real self – the Third Eye. The little self, i.e. the ego is gone and we are our own master. None can hypnotise us. In fact, in meditation, there is no ‘other’.

मैं और मेरा यार, एक ही बस्ती में बस्ते हैं।
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है, दर्शन को तरसते हैं।।

Meditation is not a commodity of the market.

Meditation is God’s/Guru’s grace. It is not a commodity of the market to be bought and purchased. It is a subject of vibrations. Shri Gurudev Swami Vishvas ji stress forcefully in Meditation Retreats that meditation is to be shared. It can’t be sold and purchased. Whatever is sold in the market is merely concentration and its techniques.

Meditation is our birth right and it reminds us of our source. In the wilderness of obstinate ego, we have forgotten our true nature and bleat like sheep whereas we are lions in our true nature. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji wakes up those lost in slumber.

कहां जा रहा है, तू ए जाने वाले ?
अन्धेरे हैं मन के, दिया तो जला ले ।

Kindle your own lamp of light in Vishvas Meditation, which is simple, natural and spontaneous.

Meditation is not a technique: it is a process.

Vishvas Meditation is a process of relaxed attention. Recitation, concentration, purification, visualization – all these are unnecessary in Vishvas Meditation. We do not need a medium to step inside. No rosary, no mantra, no word is needed as an accessory. Just step straight into Dhyan. Never try to achieve concentration. It is going to happen by itself. The Chetna (awareness) fully knows its path and its home. We don’t have to tell it anyway.

Vishvas Meditation is an easy and natural process. No fees; no package.

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