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Be a seer not doer in Meditation

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The seer and doer in Meditation are described as two birds on a tree in a parable in scriptures. One bird sitting on the top is immersed in its glory. It is serene, calm, seer, majestic. The second bird sitting on the lower branches is restless and doer. It is jumping all the time and eating the sweet and bitter fruits of the tree. Once it tasted exceptionally bitter fruit and jumped up a few branches nearer to the majestic and serene bird sitting calmly on the top. The lower bird looked up and enjoyed the bliss.

Soon it forgot the upper bird and started eating sweet and bitter fruits. Again the taste of exceptionally bitter fruit brought it nearer to the majestic bird. It happened many a times and at last the lower bird came to the place of the upper bird and lost himself in him. He found all at once that these had been never two birds but all the time he was that bird, serene, seer, majestic and immersed in his glory.

ये सैर क्या है, अजब-अनोखा, कि राम मुझमें, मैं राम में हूँ।
बगैर सूरत अजब है जलवा, कि राम मुझमें, मैं राम में हूँ।।

So in meditation, we become the Seer connected to the upper bird, third eye, Self and eventually get immersed in it. Then we become non-doers because doer is He, seer is Third eye. In Vishvas Meditation, we watch continuously and persistently whatever is happening within without being involved in the happenings. We are in non-doing state because we are the watchers, the seers, a neutral energy. Whatever we see and whatever is coming before the inner eye is all the play of mind. We are not mind but we are the observer of mind. Consequently we are in non-doing state.

Vishvas Meditation being a non-doing state is very simple, spontaneous and natural. Many things happen in the inner world spontaneously without any effort on our part. Food is being digested and blood is being circulated in body without our effort. Hair grows and body grows. In the external world we say that God helps those who help themselves but in the internal world God helps those who do not help themselves. Surrender completely to Him. Be in a non-doing state. Our Chetna is well aware of its path to Chetan. It will find its way.

Sh. Gurudev Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims in Meditation & Retreats that our foremost duty is to know ourselves

अपनी ना की तलाश, बड़ी भुल यह हुई।
वर्षों किए खराब खुदा-तलाश में हमने।।

Remember that in meditation, you are the Seer and not the Doer. Vain is our search for God unless we become the WITNESS. When we watch our thoughts persistently, they diminish gradually and disappear eventually, we attain the state of ‘BLISS’ in which there is nothing left to be done.

In that state, we do get connected with Shiv-Netra where subject and object are one, where viewer, view and viewing are one, where knower, knowing and knowledge are One where Seer, Seeing and Seen are One where witnesser, witness and witnessing are One. There is only One. There aren’t any two. The questions of doing does not arise in deep meditation when the flow towards awareness is uninterrupted.

मैं था तू नहीं, तू है मैं नाहिं।
प्रेम गली इतनी सांकरी, या में दो ना समाहि।।

As long as obstinate ego is there, doing of mind is there and Self does not shine.

Self does shine when we become the Seer, the Witness, the neutral energy and Shiv Netra which, in true sense, we are. This realisation of our true personality comes through regular Vishvas Meditation. Our true personality begins to develop when we able, by deep meditation, to feel that we are not this solid body and we are not just the congregation of molecules of dead matter but we are the divine current of Life and Consciousness in body.

We are All-Existence, All-knowledge and All-Bliss in essence. There is but one Reality, one Divinity and that Reality, Divinity is within all of us. The way to attain that Divinity within is Meditation which is our birth-right. ‘Seeing is Meditation’ is stated by Swami Sh. Gurudev Vishvas Ji. The Seer is Self and the doer is mind. It is mind’s nature to weave the cob-webs of past and future. Mind has no existence in present where Meditation is all about staying in present. No stress or strain can ever invade us if we learn to stay in present. We go beyond mind.

In Meditation and Retreats Swami Sh. Gurudev Vishvas Ji proclaims that we may walk into the past or future sometimes but we must stay in present. As we visit the bath-room but we stay in living room. So we must stay in present and that is what Meditation is all about – Staying in present, Seeing and doing nothing. Everything will happen spontaneously. Chetna will go to its Source spontaneously. Stress and strain will leave spontaneously. Stress-related disease will not dare to make their appearances.

All we have to do is to become a Seer a Witness in Meditation. Everything else regarding peace, tranquility, BLISS, good health etc. will come by itself. The apple is to fall only. The Law of Gravitation will attract it to the Earth. Meditation takes us to the lofty heights of Enlightenment and Self-realisation provided we undertake it regularly and earnestly in its letter and spirit. We must understand that meditation is not at all concentration though deep concentration comes out of it. No strenuous effort or penance is required to control your thoughts, to control your mind. You are to watch your thoughts. You are to watch your mind. Be a Seer only and not a Doer. We will be spontaneously connected to Self where ‘I and My father are one’ where there is no lower bird.

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