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Vishvas Meditation at Teerthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad (TMU)

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Vishvas Meditation at Teerthankar Mahaveer University Vishvas Meditation at Teerthankar Mahaveer University


For the Professors, Management and Staff

A Four day Vishvas Meditation Programme was conducted at the Teerthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad, from 27th to 30th June 2016, at their College of Engineering – for the professors, management and the entire staff. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the programme and experienced great benefits, as shared by their feedbacks:


We would like to thank Vishvas Foundation for organizing the meditation sessions in our University. Vishvas Meditation sessions have been a great force of motivation for all those who have attended and taken advantage.

We look forward to host these sessions again when our new batches are inducted.

Professor K. K. Pande,
Dean, College of Engineering


I have attended various Faculty Development Programmes in our University, but this meditation programme organized by Vishvas Foundation was fabulous and extremely beneficial. The Vishvas Meditation sessions helped to deal with all our fears and negativities. It dissolved our insecurities and helped increase self-confidence tremendously.

Vishvas Meditation is truly outstanding ! It is the key to self-acceptance and high self-esteem.

Virendra Rawat,
Assistant Professor, Mathematics


I attended the four day Vishvas Meditation programme in our University and I must say it is an excellent Life Management programme. We will add it to our daily lives from now on. I have started practicing Vishvas Meditation for a better life. It has the power to improve the quality of life by manifolds. I am experiencing great results. It removes all unnecessary and negative thoughts, developing present moments, full of joy. This meditation is very beneficial for health. It acts as a very powerful shield i.e. protection from physical disorders and mental anxieties.

Vishvas Foundation is a great foundation. It is giving a totally free service to mankind. It has an amazing formula for peace of mind, fitness and good health that it is sharing with the world selflessly. It is commendable.

Dr. M.S. Ansari,
Associate Professor, Applied Sciences


As I sat in the first meditation session, lots of negative thoughts came up. Gradually, as the session continued, the thoughts began to feel insignificant and started fading away, and I felt very light, cool and calm within. Vishvas Meditation is so full of vibrations that it really makes a tremendous change. One feels a gigantic difference in the very first sitting!

The Vishvas Meditation programme was indeed very beneficial. I really appreciate the programme and extend my sincere thanks to Vishvas Foundation for bringing this programme to us.

Dr. Sonal Shukla,
Assistant Professor, Humanities


Excellent meditation sessions! Explanation of the process of meditation and its role in our lives was very good.

This meditation process is a great source of improvement in lifestyle, high energy levels and other health benefits. It also plays a pivotal role in improving one’s approach and handling of situations, bettering one’s working environment and system.

Overall, Vishvas Meditation is a great formula to well-being and productivity.

Praveen Chhatwal,
Assistant Professor


Heartfelt thanks to Vishvas Foundation for conducting such a beneficial meditation programme and to our University for organizing it.

The Vishvas Meditation sessions were so full of bliss. This meditation process expels all the tiredness in the mind and body, in no time! Furthermore, the special meditation music created by Vishvas Foundation played during the sessions was AWESOME!

This meditation process is an instant source of mind-body relaxation and is truly very effective.

• Very good experience.

• Felt very light and relaxed after attending the sessions.

• It is a very good and simple meditation process.

• It is very effective. Has a great impact.

• Carries great physical and mental healing power.

• Want to continue my entire life!

I have shared it with all my family and friends. We feel indebted to Vishvas Foundation for providing us with such an amazing tool for health, peace and fitness. Vishvas Meditation is a life science that gives results very fast.

Indu Tripathi,
Assistant Professor, Humanities


All these years I had been trying to meditate but was absolutely unable to do so. I just could not relax my mind. Ever since I joined the Vishvas Meditation camp in our University, things have changed. This meditation programme is very practical in nature. It helped us understand and experience the true essence of meditation. I felt so relaxed, calm and serene during the 4 day Vishvas Meditation programme. It was such a phenomenal experience.

Practicing Vishvas Meditation regularly brings our body and mind into complete harmony and balance, saving us from so many diseases and health issues. This meditation process is extremely useful for health and fitness, and it should be made an integral part of day to day life, by one and all.

Dr. Abhinav Saxena,
Assistant Professor


The four day Vishvas Meditation Retreat was very good and beneficial. This meditation programme should be made an integral part of regular student classes at least once a week.

After experiencing such a brilliant meditation process, I can personally vouch for the fact that meditation acts as a treatment for each and every disease or disorder. We can improve our lifestyle, physical & emotional health drastically, if we practice Vishvas Meditation regularly. Each and every person should include Vishvas Meditation process in their daily routine as it promotes health and wellbeing tremendously.

C.B. Singh,
Lecturer , Computer Science Engineering


When I first came here for the session of Meditation, I was not much wiling to join this. When I was instructed to close my eyes, I did so, and after 5 minutes the peace that I found was awesome!

In the starting, I had to struggle with the thoughts that were coming across. But gradually, all thoughts vanished. All day long, I felt so energetic and full of positive vibes. The second and third days served the purpose of making meditation process clearer as the Vishvas Meditation instructor cleared all the queries we had.

I, from the bottom of my heart, express my gratitude towards Vishvas Foundation that with so much kindness and selflessness organized the four day meditation retreat in our University.

Neha Anand,
Assistant Professor, Humanities


‘Vishvas Meditation’ is very good and highly effective. It helps to increase concentration, peace, confidence, balance, clarity of thought and speech. This session should be held at the end of every semester. It is required for everyone and its duration should be 1 week at least.

I felt such amazing positivity within, post the sessions. Our queries, doubts and dilemmas were answered so beautifully during the sessions. Post the sessions we felt so clear in our minds, regarding our perspectives, approach and day to day handling of situations - both personal and professional.

Lecturer, Computer Science Engineering


The Vishvas Meditation sessions conducted in our University carved the path for initiation into higher life. This meditation process gave immense relaxation and peace.

As I got into the sessions, I felt such amazing benefits. I am inspired to make it my way of life. We truly appreciate Vishvas Foundation for conducting such types of sessions for the welfare of humanity.

Dr Jaya Sharma,
Lecturer, Humanities


We feel very peaceful and placid practicing Vishvas Meditation. We spend most of the time in past memories or future imaginations. It was the Vishvas Meditation Retreat organized in our college of Engineering that taught us the value and importance of living in the present! This particular meditation process is so natural that it does not make us control or fight with our mind. It taught us that it is very natural for the mind to bring up thoughts. Mind is in its nature. It is we who have forgotten our true nature! And so, to live in peace and bliss which is our true nature, we must not fight, suppress or control the thoughts. Rather we should simply withdraw or retreat from them and choose not to follow every thought! The blind following of our mind is the root cause of all suffering and weakening of will power, joy, positivity and balance.

This process of retreat has worked wonders for us! In no time, we have started experiencing ease and equanimity. The Vishvas Meditation sessions in the college helped us develop present moments so effortlessly. It has the power to bring us into the ‘now’ so naturally, that if we are in the habit of offering prayers we can do it with full focus and awareness now. Vishvas Meditation acts as a compliment to every other activity. It is Mind Management in the true sense!

Anita Rohilla,
Lab Assistant, Mechanical Engineering

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