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If you are asleep

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What if you are asleep, awake now
Life is too short to waste time
You will be the master with all your power
What if you are ignorant, be aware now
Let the fog of ignorance evaporate
You are the master of yourself
What if you do not know who you are
Know it now, witness yourself
And become the witness of your witness
What if you are disturbed, possess a luminous and positive energy now
God will work out the next scene for you
What if you have fears and worries, put all them to rest now
Understanding the reason will show
All worries are unnecessary
What if you are living with notions
Accept the reality now, it is simple and pleasant
There is nothing real but God within
If you have been busy fulfilling your duties
Complete your mission of life as humans now
Time is fleeting
Understand the fine balance
It's not about running away into mountains
It is living your life right here now
All the darkness will recede
Light of hope will start sailing
What you need is-
Step in the boat of Vishvas meditation
Get across and live real life.

Sureshta Taneja

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