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The Chosen One

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I would call it an extraordinary success story of an ordinary child like me and I owe it all to my Supreme Master and the universal caretaker- Guruji. I joined Vishvas when I was at a tender age of 11 years and currently I am 21 years and it has been a beautiful journey carved and sculptured so beautifully by Swamiji. There isn't one moment which hasn't been so meticulously designed by Him. We are a family of four spread across the country but there hasn't been any moment of anxiety or restlessness because we know that we have His upper hand and henceforth we can just let go because He wouldn't let any misfortune happen to his children. We have been tremendously bestowed upon with the divine blessings of Swamiji leaving us all in absolute content with life barring any grievances or complaints.

Why I call myself the chosen one? There maybe thousands of young souls like me who are taken by Swamiji but mine is a story that I would particularly want the youth to take into consideration as to the magical results of meditation and the journey from where one starts right up to the pinnacle of success without any hiccups in between. I was a student of medicine at school and was substantially successful in entrances however I found my real calling in Law and took to it. At my law school, the way victory came my way it was almost astonishing as though Swamiji is choosing the stones and keeping it on my way so that I walk through it smoothly. I topped as a student of Law also debated at various national and international forums, it came so easily it was unbelievable. There was a time that at a very early age I was invited by institutes to hold workshops. I got to work with the finest of lawyers and Swamiji by the means of meditation held my focus to things that need attention and blessed me with the wisdom to make the correct choices. My graduation in Law with many memorable milestones ended and a new chapter of post-graduation had to start. His grace and special light on me made me excel in merit in all entrances I wrote. I got the best law Centre at Delhi University and while I was furthering my research in Law. I also appeared in merit for the UPSC Combined Defence Services and also had an option of being an Army officer. It was always a dream to pursue this having a father who has also been in uniform for over 30 years. Out of many lakhs who undertook this exam, only 23 are picked and I finished 13th. I geared up to reach my academy, Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Before leaving I had the fortune of speaking with Swamiji, all he said is " Don't worry, I am right there with you."

Army training is by far much more difficult than seen in movies. It didn't just need mental strength but also physical fitness to deal with this training which is adjudged to be the world's toughest military academy. Our training was at par with the gentlemen. We ran almost 40 km with weights and weapon and as much as it tires you and kills you, it was almost like Swamiji held my hand and made me cross the finish line. The training got very demanding as we proceeded into it especially for a girl. In the course of a competition called March and Shoot, while doing one of the 15 obstacles, I fell down and broke my right arm completely. Finishing the training seemed almost impossible, however our faith was undeterred in Swamiji and within a month of such a severe fracture I was back in action in academy and finished 4 months of my rigorous training and passed out with the rest of my course. 15th September 2012 I was commissioned as a Class 1 Gazette Officer of the Indian Army. My parents who have been courageous and supporting all along put on me my newly acquired ranks of being the youngest Lieutenant of the prestigious Indian Army. I got my Regiment and currently posted to kargil and it makes me only happier to get further challenged and I know Swamiji like so many years will help me navigate through my career in Army. As I packed my bags to leave New Delhi and fly to new heights which would be snow clad right on the borders at 12,000 ft, I made a call to Guruji and in his ever smiling voice he told me not to worry and to be strong and whenever I am in need of anything I will find Him right beside me. I just needed this much to scale 2 difficult years of immensely difficult weather. I do not worry for I know I shall be taken care of.

This story is primarily aimed at telling all kids and their parents the importance of meditation in helping you maintain concentration and remaining focused in the most slippery ages being teenagers. For parents, once you introduce your children here you can be rest assured that they will make a future of themselves and be rewarding good humans. This comes with the condition that there has to be initial dedication and regular sessions which will mould the minds of youngsters in the appropriate way and soon they too will become a success story you can be proud of and call themselves the chosen one.

Mandira Singh
Youngest Lieutenant
Indian Army

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