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What touched me most

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I have learnt and experienced from the holy words of Swami ji :

  • That avoid duality by which I have understood and experienced that a different kind of anand or ecstasy is felt when what you think, what you do, what you write and what you speak are all in harmony. I have practically implemented his words in my daily life in office and home and in society as a whole and found this principle working and it is infusing in me a kind of feeling of happiness which cannot be put in words. One becomes fearless through this way of living because what he is stating is without any mix or duality as stressed by Swamiji.

    Swamiji has stressed many times and later I also realized that duality in words and expressions has become the way of life in general public including myself but now after listening to Swamiji more and more this hard dust on my mind is gradually softening towards zero and that space is being replaced by a blissful and fearless state of mind with energy.
  • That the Swamiji's parvachans are quite powerful or mind blowing and their gradual implementation has totally transformed my way of living, thinking, dealing with people etc. and is always fulfilling me with a kind of ecstasy in every act. The bhajans cum parvachan under the titles 'De mast fakiri' have just overhauled or transformed my entire life towards good and I can firmly state that this only one parvachan which is overflowing with karuna and compassion inbuilt in his holy voice can transform not only one but has the power to transform each person of the present crying world back to peace and a feeling of ecstasy which has become almost extinct from our present way of life.
  • That now I have started feeling after his words that any living person or being is a part of just one chain and the product of only one superpower as Swamiji chants in one bhajan that "yay sari chizay hai ek hi dukan ki' under the 'bhajan zarre zarre mein jhanki Bhagwan ki." This awareness has broadened my horizon of looking at and feeling for people and all living beings and a feeling of oneness has sprung up which is very pleasing.
  • That the parvachans are so simple, natural and so much powerful and I feel that if understood in the real sense and followed up then they can transform not only one but the whole world and can help in the creation of a different world or one society where there is no need of :
    • various kinds of military forces where the billions of dollars are spent in the entire world.
    • then distributing various types of gallantry awards vir chakra, param vir chakra etc. for killing so and so in enemy country or with in country because when a universal feeling of oneness develops that everybody is one and produced from the same manufacturer or shop then all such tendencies are likely to wash away because then no enemy remains at all.
    • various hospitals who are treating the patients suffering from various mental and heart diseases and other related ailments and a fact which Swamiji stresses frequently.
    • various police stations and police personnel because when there is feeling of 'all are one' then how disputes can take place?
    • various courts etc. same above logic applies.
    • following several religions of this world as he stresses only one relation between man and the creator of this universe who is one and one only and the quest for knowing that creator and who am I and the purpose of creation.
  • That there appears definitely a communication gap overall somewhere between his messages and millions of people of this world otherwise transformation is bound to happen in this restless world with such godly messages which I never heard before.
  • That I like one line the most in his words that people are demanding alms from those great saints of India i.e. Nanak, Budha, Mahavir, Tukaram, Peepa sagar and many others who have already renounced all the material and the material world for the quest of God. Further that these common people are strangely not concerned with what these above saints did for transformation of their lives and the lives of others in the past but are just concerned with only demanding the material world from them.
  • That like now a days there are unlimited package of telephone calls, internet surfing at a certain cost but on the other hand the abundant unlimited package of great values of human life which Swamiji is offering every day is at no cost.
  • That the words of Swamiji are working as a broom which is gradually sweeping all the dirt of anger, greed, duality etc. which had engulfed my mind over the years since I was born and his words are reshaping my form into the same clean original form as sent by god when I descended on this earth 54 years back.
  • That the holy vani and bhajans sung by Swamiji act as a tranquilizer to my mind at any time of the day and which can be taken in as much quantity as I like without any side effects.
  • That further in spite of knowing and understanding the well known proverb that 'better late than never' my conscience pricks me at times and says that why it happened that Swamiji met me only last year in 2013 when I had already covered a long distance of 54 years of this precious life in dark and why not before?
  • That the enchanting melodies of 'Vishvas Sangeet' always leave me wondering and I recollect the lines of a great king of India who said although in a different context after seeing Kashmir that " if there is heaven on this earth then it is here, it is here".
  • That the most blessed are those i.e. Rishi Kumars and any one else who are living under his shadow every moment which is far from the madding crowd and various kinds of pollutions of this material world.

Pankaj Jain

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