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The Divine Dagshai.....Heaven On Earth

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The Divine Dagshai in one word for me…. Heaven, Heaven on earth! Though it cannot be explained in words but some feelings I would love to share. Divine Dagshai is the God’s place on earth! It is the Vishvas Meditation headquarter where people go for meditation but we do not get only meditation there, we ger peace happiness, confidence, self-belief & positivity , which we are losing day by day in the outer maddening material world. I got this opportunity of meditation from my teacher, Ms Sangeeta. She used to always describe to us the divine aura and power of the Vishvas Meditation headquarter at Dagshai, so I was very excited to go there. I shared about the place with my friends too, though I was a little skeptical to take along them as my friends seemingly did not have any understanding or taste for spiritual places. Finally I made my first spiritual trip to the Vishvas Meditation Retreat at  Dagshai with my friends.


When we entered the Vishvas Meditation Headquarter, Dagshai, the first word that came from our mouth was ‘WOW!’ My eyes felt so blessed to see the beauty of the Ashram – very green, very peaceful and very pleasant. The ‘Sadhaks’ of the Ashram welcomed us in such a beautiful way. We were around a 100 people who reached there to attend the Meditation Camp, and the ‘Rishis’ and ‘Devis’ in every true sense. If there is any heaven on earth, it is the The Vishvas Meditation Headquarter, Dagshai.

We  reached the Ashram at early evening and we were welcomed with tea and snacks made by the ‘Devis’. It was followed by a meditation sitting at 6:45pm, which was our first meditation sitting in the divine aura and presence of Swami Ji. Some of my friends had never done meditation before, and they had so many questions in their minds regarding meditation, so it felt like a big task in beginning. Still we were so happy to see the Ashram and to be in the divine aura of our benevolent Meditation Master.

Next Morning, we had the morning meditation sitting at 5am. It was on the mountain top, what an amazing experience it was! Such pure, fresh, and gentle air touching us, my body, my mind felt so light and joyful, like never before! I saw many faces of Nature- the mountains, the deep blue sky, the twinkling stars- Nature had never felt so close as it did in Divine Dagshai! I felt that I could touch and feel every bit of the Nature , the stars , the breeze, the clouds. The Dagshai Vishvas Meditation headquarter is a silent beauty, laced with such divine and deep experiences . I saw real nature, it was as if we were lighting lamps of the Nature.

We had 3 meditation sittings – early morning5am, then at 11am, and the last evening sitting at 6:45pm. The place felt completely like home. We had never ever seen before in our life, such selfless ‘Seva’ that was given to us in the Dagshai Ashram. We stayed in the ashram for 3 days, it felt so home like. The rooms were very clean & very comfortable. The food was so tasty and healthy, that I still continue to miss it. The food served at Vishvas Meditation Ashram is better than any five star hotel in the world.

The most striking quality of the Vishvas Meditation Retreats  is that they are totally free of cost. There are world class facilities  extended to us at Dagshai Ashram, but with absolutely no cost attached! Here, from the bottom of my heart I would like to say that Vishvas Meditation is priceless and Divine Dagshai is an ‘anmol’ place. Money has no value in front of it! Divine Dagshai is invaluable. We spend lots of money to get peace or relaxation but still do not get it. However at Vishvas Meditation Camp in Dagshai, We get all these invaluable things, that cannot be begged, borrowed, stolen or even bought with money! This is reason why I call the Vishvas Meditation Headquarter, Dagshai, the God’s place…

Now, what I earned during my stay at the Ashram..abundant energy, confidence , joy, bliss, relaxation, peace and health! I played with the clouds the rain, the cool breezes. I had never felt so joyous, so energetic in my life before! It almost felt as if I was revisiting my childhood, there was such abundant happiness all around us in the divine aura of Dagshai.

Some of the biggest highlights of the Ashram were, the discipline, the cleanliness, the silence and the serene atmosphere. I am so blessed to have been there. The place is totally non-commercial, very peaceful, very beautiful, a very pure place. In our worldly lives, we speak aimlessly and never think before speaking, but in Dagshai there was soulful silence. I loved the silence more than talking to my friends who were with me during the camp, I chose not to speak, I just wanted to remain silent, so that I heart and soul, so that I could carry the divine vibration of the place with me, and I did!

The divine vibration of Vishvas Meditation Headquarter, Dagshai are doing wonders for my personal, professional life, now that I am back in Delhi. Now, I am a regular meditator, I do meditation daily in the morning. I learnt at Meditation Camp in Divine Dasghai  that everything lies within us, we just need to close our eyes & look within. Our Creator resides within the depths of our heart, and as we continue to witness within, everything begins to fall in place, we begin to get answers to all our confusions, all turmoil begins to rest. All insecurities come to an end, all question are answered .

My friends and I feel so blessed to find Vishvas Meditation and our Loving Living Enlightened Master. Our last day of Meditation Retreat at Dagshai, we all met Swami Ji, When Swami Ji spoke, I just closed my eyes and I felt this deep connection with God. Swami Ji’s words were magic! We all were so blessed to hear Him in person. We all met Swami Ji one by one, and He listened to all of us.

I sometime wonder, what if I had missed the opportunity to go to Dagshai, Succumbing to my busy schedule in the corporate world where I come from. I would have deprived myself of the magical power of God. How unfortunate would that have been! I want to go there again and again . Divine Dagshai has given my friends and me a new life! Now we feel like a new born baby, with a fresh  start to life, and this time we are going to live it more intelligently and wisely! We feel so grateful that we have the divine aura and blessings of Our Loving Living Meditation Master, Swami Vishvas Ji.

Priyanka Sagar
Assistant Manager, Operations
Pyratech Real Estate Ltd.

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