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Meditation is an everyday celebration

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Meditation is like a basket, a big basket I must say, which has the capacity to filter and stores! It filters the good things as we face many ups & downs in our life, and helps us learn from them. It provides us the positive energy to balance our anger , ego , success and failures! It develops the sense of acceptability to handle hurdles, challenges and setbacks without losing our balance. Moreover , meditation is such an amazing re-filler of energy that you never feel tired despite the mad race that we run every single day. In short, meditation is an everyday celebration!


With regular meditation, I have begun to enjoy life and its gifts like never before. Despite all of this, meditation is the only mirror that keeps me grounded to the ultimate’s realities of life , the universal truths. Meditation shows you the emptiness inside, that you still have a long way to go , that you still have to learn so many things. Meditation keeps you connected to the reality, to the roots, so that you always stay strong, grounded and humble, as a genuine human being should be.

At the same time, Meditation makes you capable for success. It has filled inside me the courage to rise above the mundane, the average. It is a science so motivating, so encouraging and so fulfilling, that it helps you to rise above your own mediocre self. In the true sense, meditation makes you an exception! What an amazing super science it is, nothing short of a miracle!

Meditation has done wonders for me, and so can it for you! What are you waiting for....miracles do happen, only if we let them,only if we allow them to, only if we give way. You yourself are your own obstacle, rise above yourself! Can you imaging howbad you would feel if you eat your food without making the use of tongue. You would not be able to taste your food and you will feel bad for sure. So like this, meditation helps you to taste your life! Decision is yours, whether you want to taste it or not...

Arvind Kumar
Senior Process Associate

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