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Give Birth To Yourself

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We all know that we are but do not know what we are. In one sense Brahmn is known to every human being; he knows, “I am”. But man does not know himself as he is. He considers himself as the body or intellect or mind but they are his own he can’t be one of them or their congregation.

It is said that once upon a time, the son of an Indian King came to Swami Ram Tirath in mountains and put the question, “Swami Ji, what is God?” Swami Ji asked him to write his whereabouts meaning “Who are you?” on a piece of paper and that paper will be presented to God. Then God will call him. The prince wrote that he was son of a king and kingdom was in North of India. He wrote the address of that kingdom along with his name and father’s name. When that paper was presented to Swami Ji, he was told that those were the particulars about his body. The question was,” Who are you”?

The prince apologized that he made a mistake, He must be the mind. The question was put to the prince, “Can you tell me where the food lies in your body and how many bones you have got in your body. The prince could not make any answer and these words escaped his lips, “well, my intellect does not reach there, my brain does not catch it, and my mind cannot comprehend it.

By saying that your mind cannot comprehend it, your brain cannot understand it, you confess that you are not the mind, you are not the brain, and you are not the intellect. They are yours but you are beyond them. You are something beyond the body, mind and intellect. Realise that one which is to give birth to yourself.

That one remains the same in your childhood, youth and all the time. That is the power Divine which never changes, never sleeps. In youth body is different. In childhood, mind is not the same; intellect, brain, body and mind are entirely different from what they are to-day. But, yet we say, “When I was child, when I was a boy, when I shall grow up the age of seventy”. It shows that there is “I” in you, the realself in you which remains the same in your childhood, youth, in the wakeful state and in the dreamland state.

अपनी न की तलाश बड़ी भूल हुई
बरसो किये ख़राब, खुदा तलाश में हमने

Great blunder was done by us that we never made an attempt to realise our own trueself. Years and years were spent in search of God. SELF-REALISATION IS GOD-REALISATION.

Pope, the poet said
“O’man! Presume not God to scan the proper study of mankind is man”.

Two kinds of functions are being discharged in body, involuntary and voluntary. Those acts performed through mind and intellect are voluntary for instance reading, writing, walking, talking and drinking. Besides these, there are thousands of acts or processes without the medium of mind or intellect for instance respiration, the coursing of blood through veins, digestion of food and the growth of hairs, nails, bones etc.

We forget our REALSELF because of the glaring blunder that we admit only those acts which are performed by mind or intellect or body. All the other acts which are being performed directly without the agency of mind or intellect are disclaimed entirely. By this mistake of imprisoning the REALSELF in the pony mind, we are making ourselves miserable and wretched.

We say that “God is within you, the kingdom of Heaven is within you. That kernel is within you. That kernel is YOURSELF and not the shell. You are the kernel. You are He that is within you. You are not the shell that is without

जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है, काबा में सजदा कौन करे

When Divinity, this real “YOURSELF’ can be realised through regular and persistent VISHVAS MEDITATION which is “WATCHING” and “WITNESSING” whatever is going within and all the doings of mind. It is not at all control of mind which results in repression. It is going beyond mind. When we close our eyes and start a journey within. There is thick darkness, magic of mind, a caravan of thoughts coming from somewhere, nowhere and elsewhere. We are not to interfere; we are not to evaluate, we are not to say, “This thought is good, I must have it, this is bad, I must avoid it, When we judge them, we lose ’WITNESSING’ and ‘WATCHING’.

By watching them persistently and regularly, thoughts would diminish and disappear eventually and one hidden under thoughts would make its appearance and that one is real ‘YOURSELF’. When thoughts disappear, Bhav and Bliss appear, we can’t take this ‘Bhav’ and Bliss’ for granted. If we discontinue the meditation, it will disappear and the boisterous mind will come up with a force. It is just like a snake apparently appearing dead with cold and starvation. Once fed, it starts hissing and even bites. Once fangs taken out, it does not matter whether snake is alive or dead.

Once you go deep in the meditation and go beyond mind, a voice comes

दिल के आईने में है तसवीरे-यार
जब ज़रा गर्दन झुकाई देख ली

In innermost shrine dwells the divine, walk within with the torch of meditation and have his vision.

In deep dreamless state, intellect is not there, mind is not there but “I” am there. If, I am not there, who can say, “I have sound sleep. How can I say, I slept so soundly that I saw no dreams, no father, no house, no matter, no family, nothing of the kind, there was nothing. This statement is like the statement made by man who bore witness to the desolation of a place and said, “At the dead of night there was not a single human present. The magistrate asked him, “Aren’t you a human being, so the statement can’t be true as you were there”.

Similarly you don’t go to sleep for had you been asleep, who would have told us about the nothingness of sleep. You are something which is never asleep. Give Birth to yourself which means ‘Realise yourself through Vishvas Meditation. Remember that you are something which is never asleep. The intellect sleeps but not you, I am something beyond the intellect, mind and body.

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