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Discover Yourself

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अपनी ना की तलाश, बड़ी चूक ये हुई
बरसों किये खराब खुदा तलाश में हमने

This couplet is recited by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji which conveys a very meaningful message for all of us. Being crushed under the wheels of time, space and causation which do not care for widow’s wail or orphan’s cry man considers himself a helpless and hopeless wreck. Darkness envelopes darkness all around and there seems to be no glimmer of light.

Amidst all this hopeless state of affairs, a voice comes from within, however dim or soundless it may be that you are All Existent, All Effulgent, All Knowledge and All Bliss. All you are to do is to discover your Real Self and the way leading to that discovery is to dive deep into your Real Self through meditation.

We are deeply engrossed in ignorance taking this temporary stay as permanent abode. We enter into creation and then for us it becomes living. Things are dead in themselves, only we give them life and then, like fools, we turn around and are afraid of them or enjoy them. We are like fisherwomen who could not sleep in an orchid full of fragrance and went into slumber when they put their wet fish baskets under their heads emitting the desired smell for them.

We are entangled in this world which is full of miseries and are oblivious towards the inner world which is immense treasure of bliss and so are leading a miserable life. All the religions of the world unanimously harp on the same tune that real happiness lies within and you are Pure, Eternal and Blissful in essence. You are simply to discover yourself.

As you think, so you become. Just think that you are free, pure and strong and you become the same. If you think yourself weak, sinner wretched and down-trodden, no power on earth can make you strong. This all depends unto you. You are only to realize it and discover it.

Discover yourself. God, whom you are searching in hills and dales, temples and churches, scriptures and sermons, He dwells in the innermost cave of your own heart. He lives in the pure heart and you can have His glimpse there. Of course you must have a burning desire for Him.

Desires are the most unrelenting energies of man; he cannot appease them. Have only one desire to see Him, to know Him and realize Him. Never forget that Self, that your own True Self, that God is the only Reality, the only Sun and the rest are only the shadows the images, the apparent. That Reality is your own and we are looking for it in the external world. Being drowned in ignorance, we are going away far from our own True Self.

Frustrated with life, you have to turn to God, your own true Self sooner or later. So it is better to do it now. Pray to God, “Naughty or good, O God, I am your child. You must take care of me.” If you keep trying and devoting time for Him in meditation, you will discover yourself that bliss lies in your experience of Him. Whenever and whatever bliss you get in your life, have full conviction that you are nearer to your own true source of Bliss which is everlasting. We must be very careful to distinguish between the fleeting pleasures of the world which are often followed by pain and the everlasting bliss of self which comes from within.

This Bliss does not depend upon any object of this external world. The slogan, “Eat, Drink and be merry and there is nothing beyond this plane of senses” is a veil of ignorance cast over the truth. In the words of Gurudev Shri Ji

खाना पीना सोना पशुओं का भी काम
मानुष में बस एक गुण धरे स्वयं का ध्यान

Animals eat, drink and make merry as well, the only distinction and characteristic in man is to discover his own Self, meditate on the true Self, and know himself.

It is not just a frothy talk or a matter of listening sermons or reading scriptures. You are to discover yourself that you are not just an aggregate of molecules or a mass of dead matter. You are not body, mind and intellect. In no way you are the slave of mighty mind. All the powers of mind has been given by you. You are the Master of mind. You are All Existence, All Knowledge and All Bliss.

Don’t accept anything because scriptures say so or saints or sages preach so. Religion is Realization. Dive deep into meditation and you will discover that there is only one Reality and that is You.

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