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Immortal Self

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In this evanescent world, immortality is found nowhere. A compound has to be disintegrated sooner or later. Search was undertaken on the spiritual plane to find out the Reality behind the apparent, the infinite behind the finite and the Immortal Self behind the ego, the little self.

This Immortal Self permeates everywhere. This is the One Self which is All- existent, All-knowledge and All-Bliss. It is infinite without any beginning or end and beyond the reach of intellect. Who can know the knower? Knower, knowledge and known are one. Viewer, view and viewing are one.

Encouraging tiding is that you are That. "Tat-tvam-asi," You are He, Immortal Self. Don't consider yourself weak or sinner. It is a great sin to call yourself sinner or weak. Strength is the watchword. That Immortal Self is not the one residing in seventh heaven or in a cave or on the top of Himalayas. He is dwelling in the innermost shrine of your heart. Realize your Real Self and have full conviction, "I have no fear of death. I never feel hunger or thirst. I am That! The whole of nature cannot crush me - it is my servant. Assert thy strength; thou art Lord of Lords and God of Gods! Regain thy lost empire. Help thyself by thyself."

And you would rise up invigorated. Whenever darkness comes, assert the reality that you are Immortal Self and everything adverse must vanish. Mountain high the difficulties may appear, terrible and glooming all things may seem, if you always remember that "you and your father (Immortal Self) are one, these would vanish."

Here is the Old Persian poem translated into English.

"I came to see my Beloved. The doors were locked. I knocked and a voice came from inside, "who art thou?" "I am so and so." The door was not opened. A second time, I came and knocked. I was asked the same question and I gave the same answer. The door opened not. I came a third time and the same question was asked, I answered, "I am thou, my love" and the door opened."

So I am It - Immortal Self! I am It - Immortal Self! Senses may be incapable of proving that "I and my father are one", yet when reality is realized, appearances vanish. Love demonstrates it "that Thou Art" God Itself thou Art. But why do you say God "Itself"? It is because some worship God as father in Heaven and addresses it as He. Some worship God as beloved Sweet-heart (like Persian poets). So before using any personal pronoun for God, we ought to determine whether God is Miss, Mrs. or Mister. Then what is God? It is neither Miss nor Mrs. nor Mister but a Mystery. Though God is mystery but always remember that "Thou art that." "Tat Tvam Asi"

One of our poets (Dattatreya Avadhuta) sings,

"My real pleasure was never in earthly things - in husband, wife, children and other things, for I am like the infinite blue sky. Clouds of many colors pass over it and play for a second; they move off and there is the same unchangeable blue (Immortal Self). Happiness and misery, good and evil may envelop me for a moment veiling the Self, but I am still there. They pass away because they are changeable. I shine because I am unchangeable. If misery comes I know it is finite, therefore it must die. If evil comes, I know, it is finite, it must go. I alone am infinite and untouched by anything, for I am that eternal changeless Self - Immortal Self."

This is to be heard of, then to be thought about and then to be meditated upon - quote from Brihadranyaka Upanishad.

When hands work, the mind should repeat, "I am It!" "I am It!" Think of it, dream of it until it becomes the bone of your bones, the flesh of your flesh, until all the weakness of misery and of evil have entirely vanished. The way to attain this is meditation.

Through regular meditation, you forget your ego, little self and realize the Immortal Self which is all Bliss.
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