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Live Life

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“Life is a continuous struggle,”; “Life is misery”; “Life is not a bed of roses, Life is Dukkha” are the common comments which people doing about life. Obviously living such a life will be drudgery. Our Upnishadic Rishis have said, “Life is good, Life is a blessing. To live life is a game. Play it fully. God has given you the opportunity, play it to its full but don’t get identified with it.

Remember, this is a game. Remember, this show on earth is nothing but a play and you are an actor. Remain a witness within and go on acting. There is no need to escape from action. When you are a witness and an actor simultaneously, you will enjoy the acting.

And these Rishis loved life. They loved every thing that life can give, they loved all the blessings and there are millions of blessings. They never said that life is Dukkha; they never said that life is misery. They said that you can make life a misery, but it is not a misery. You can also make bliss out of it; it is you, not life.

Remember your true nature which is All Bliss and then lead a blissful life irrespective of ephemeral circumstances which can in no way affect your Pure Self. You have got a body and a mind. There are some requirements of body as of hunger, thirst and shelter etc. In no way these are your requirements. Mind feels them and you are to satisfy them as far as possible but you fulfill them or not do not affect your Self who is beyond all the dual throng. Trouble starts and our life becomes hell when we identify ourselves with the demands of the body.

A rider of a horse knows that he is to provide food, water and rest to the horse when it feels hungry, thirsty and fatigued. He provides all that to the horse but the hunger, thirst and fatigue of the horse don’t affect the rider. A bird is sitting on the twig of a tree which swings to and fro in air. Even if the twig breaks, it does not worry the bird. It has got its wings and it will fly away.

So do keep your balance in all the favorable or unfavorable circumstances. Never wait for the events to change. Adjust yourself to all eventualities. As Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita.

सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ।
ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यासि।।

Equalizing (By even-mindedness) happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, victory and defeat wage the war. Thus thou will not acquire sin.

Do not lose your balance and adjust yourself to circumstances. Suppose here is a pencil and it belongs to someone. It goes missing. Surely you won’t start crying. You may start searching for it. But on the other hand, there is $ 500,000 and they belong to you. May God forbid it, that money goes missing. That will break your heart not because it is a huge amount but because it is your money. In fact wealth does not belong to anyone. Work whole-heartedly and live a blissful life. Don’t add “O Dear Me!” to your deeds as illustrated in the following story:-

A lady asked a sage to visit her home and offered him milk. When she was pouring milk into the cup, she didn’t know that there was cream on the top of the milk. The lady did not wish to part with the cream. So when the cream was poured into the cup, she said, “O Dear Me”. The sage talked to the lady about something and then was ready to depart without drinking the milk. The lady was under the impression that perhaps the milk was too hot to drink. When the sage was leaving without touching the milk, the lady pleaded the sage to drink milk. To this the saint replied, “When you poured the milk, you added, “O Dear Me”. I don’t drink the milk when added ‘O Dear Me’. She was abashed at the answer and the sage left the house.

Giving milk to the sage was all right but to add ‘Dear Me’ was wrong. “Do work; entertain desires but when you are doing something, why should your heart break? Do not add that ‘Dear Me’. Never add that to the act. Do the things but do it unattached as it were, never lose your balance, adjust yourself to circumstances and you will lead a blissful life.

Three laborers were breaking stones for the construction of a temple. The first one was groaning and moaning. The second one was just doing the job neither cursing his fate nor smiling. The third one was having a cheerful face, smiling all the while when breaking the stones. They all were doing the same job but reaction was different.

A sage passed by and asked the first one how he found his work. He cursed his destiny and he was leading a dreadful life of suffering. The second one replied that he was doing his duty. The last one thanked the Almighty that he was doing a noble deed of helping in the construction of a temple and he was not breaking the stones for the construction of a house of a dishonest miscreant who has amassed the money with foul means! So just by purifying your thoughts through meditation, live a peaceful, blissful life.

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