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Let the wind blow

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Amidst the fathomless sea of suffering on earth and endless troubles and tribulations of life, there is a soundless sound coming from the innermost depth of every one’s heart that the wind of God’s grace is always blowing. What you need to do is unfurl your sails. Give up the burden of all deeds to the Lord; give up both good and bad. Have only one idea of God that He is an eternal help.

Let the wind of his mercy blow. It is blowing all the time. If you have not unfurled your sails and do not catch the wind, it is not wind’s fault.
Rain is pouring; the pot put upside down wouldn’t catch a drop of rain. It is not rain’s fault. It is our false and rascal egoism which stands in the way of receiving His benediction. We are to forget this ego which forges chains for us. We are to let the wind of mercy blow in order to have a stress-free and blissful life.

“Let thy Will be done.” This world was before us and would go on perfectly well without us. We need not to spend sleepless nights to improve upon the world. Whatever assignment has been given to us by the Divine Master, we are to play our role to the best of our ability without any attachment or identification remembering that sooner or later this role has to come to an end without any say or interference from our side.

So be unattached. Let the wind blow and say:

राज़ी हैं हम उसी में, जिसमें तेरी रज़ा है।
यहाँ यूँ भी वाह वाह है, वहाँ वूँ भी वाह वाह है।।

Surrender yourself completely to the Lord. Don’t take credit for good deeds and blame Him for your suffering. We are to remember that in this plan of the universe, pleasure is in the womb of pain and pain is in the womb of pleasure. They both are inseparable and transitory and are like the waves in an ocean.

The ocean is calm but the waves rise and fall. The ocean can exist without the waves but the waves cannot exist without the ocean. If there is no ocean, there cannot be any waves or can there be? Then what will wave in them? They cannot be but the ocean can be. There is no need for the waves; the ocean can be silent.

All this visible phenomena of human beings, animals, plants, rocks, stones and streams is nothing but the waves and behind all these waves, the ocean is hidden which is called by the Upanishads by the name of Brahma – all blissful, all pervading and all peaceful. That is the absolute soul, the ultimate soul. That is the ocean. Look at a man but don’t cling to the surface; immediately move to the depth and see the Brahma there.

See in all beings the One (the ocean behind the waves) unborn, still, imperishable, infinite and conscious. Move deep and don’t stay on the surface. Moving deep into your own innermost shrine of Brahma, you will live in peace and bliss. You will see in all beings, the Self who is one and not many.

Seeing one, is seeing the ocean which is calm and tranquil and seeing many, is seeing the waves which are turbulent and transitory and on the surface. Your ego is just a wave. Behind that false ego is hidden the nameless. Don’t be deceived by the surface; look deep and soon you will become aware of the ocean all around. Don’t strive to put your mind at rest or ease. Move so deep that the mind is left far behind and you reach the base of your being (i.e. the ocean) where waves disappear. Only then is there peace and bliss.

Vishvas Meditation takes you beyond mind and takes you to the base of your being. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji says in His sermons,
“You are not to put any extraneous effort to control the mind. All the efforts have failed. They are putting the cart before the horse. Let the mind wander. Let it go wherever it goes. Don’t put any checks on it. Don’t struggle to stop it. Just be a witness. Watch, and watch it wakefully and persistently. Consider it merely a wave. Let the wind blow. Waves are on the surface. They will subside and you will attain the bliss which is your true nature.”

Realizing your blissful nature, this life becomes a game – a beautiful one – and this Universe a play in which you play your role as an actor. Thunderstorms may come, strong winds may blow and blows after blows may come to an actor yet they do no not affect him. Though he laughs and cries, smiles and shouts, he is not attached to any of his feelings because he knows in his heart of hearts that it is just a play and soon it will be over.

Same is the situation with a game played with the spirit of sportsmanship. Winning or losing does not affect the sportsman. He lets the wind of winning or losing blow. He is not playing to achieve any aim. Just playing gives him bliss. It is the end in itself. The end is not different from the game. Let us play the game as planned by the Divine. Let us act as directed by the Director of the Universe. Let the wind blow. Remember the hidden ocean. Let us wave, knowing that waving is on the surface.

Problems start when we are caught though we came to catch. We are attached and this is the cause of misery. We came here to enjoy the ever-lasting bliss-of-self. We are ship-wrecked and forlorn in the pursuit of satisfying the insatiable desires or setting worldly affairs. Let us remember our true blissful nature and let the wind of His mercy blow.


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