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Give Few Moments to Your Own Self

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It has been a clarion call from the saints and sages of past and present, “O ye Children of Bliss, give few moments to your own self.” Adam’s Curse has fallen on all of us, “Thou shall earn thy bread with the sweat of thy brow” and we are being crushed under the ever-lasting wheels of time, space and causation. We are so much lost in the worldly affairs that we have no time to spare for ourselves.

As Keats said,

What is this life if full of cares,
We have no time to stand and stare.

We are in the clutches of so much stress and strain because we don’t spare few moments to ponder over where life is leading to. Are we going towards Truth or Light or are we groping in ignorance and darkness. Though pronounced as seemingly selfish, we live for others and our happiness depends on the whims of others. We are just a remote control in the hands of others.

All our lives are spent on meeting the demands and aspirations of others for our name and fame. We perform noble deeds with a view they get good publicity in the print or electronic media. Good comments and high praise from others raise our spirits whereas harsh and true criticism dampens our spirits which affect adversely our actions.

In fact your True Self is not a beggar of this name and fame. It is a Bliss in itself and is not dependent upon any worldly object. This can be experienced and realised if you give few moments to your own self. Throw yourself lifeless on a sofa or a bedstead and try to be a witness to your thoughts, try to be a seer or neutral energy. Eventually, you will empty yourself of thoughts and feel yourself relieved from stress and strain. Those are the moments given to your own self.

Through regular practice of devoting some time to your own self, Truth will dawn upon you that all the kiths and kin, all the blood relations are not your own especially in diversity and at the time of death. A sage was telling this truth to a young boy that none in this world, however near and dear to you he may be, is ready to sacrifice his life for you. The young boy could not accept it as he was dearly loved by his parents, brothers, wife and other relatives. The boy had learnt to go into Samadhi from his guru in which breathing stops and one is assumed to be dead to others but he can be conscious of surroundings. The sage asked him to go in for that Samadhi at home. Before undertaking that Samadhi he would tell everyone at home to call his guru before cremation in case he dies.

He went home and followed all the instructions of the sage. As he went into Samadhi, his breathing stopped and it was assumed that he had passed away. A wave of shock and sorrow swept over the family. Everyone was crying bitterly. Guru was called according to his instructions before taking the body for final rites. The sage said that he could bring the youth to life if someone was ready to take a dose of medicine. Everyone came forward to take the medicine but the sage said that anyone who would take the medicine would die. Then none came forward.

The sage asked his mother who showed her unwillingness saying that she had to look after her husband and her family. Then the offer was made to the father who expressed his helplessness as he was the head of the family and he was to take care of the household. The wife said that she was carrying his child. Brothers and other relatives were reluctant to sacrifice their lives for him.

The youth in Samadhi was listening to all this conversation. Then the sage said that he would sacrifice his life for his disciple. He took the medicine which was nothing but sugar. The youth came out of Samadhi and expressed hatred and astonishment on the false exhibition of false love. He would renounce all the relations and leave home and follow the sage.

The sage explained that there was no need to leave the world. Be in the world but not of it. Do spare few moments for your own self. This body, mind and intellect are not your own self. They are yours but you are far beyond them and you are their Master. You are all Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.

You are to keep your mental and physical hygiene. The mental hygiene of keeping the mind pure is superior to the physical hygiene but the later one is important and should not be neglected. The body is a treacherous friend. Give it its due, no more. Pain and pleasure are transitory; endure all dualities with calmness, trying at the same time to remove yourself beyond their power.

Mind is the chief factor governing the body. Avoid suggesting to the mind thoughts of human limitations as old age, sickness, death and devastation. Rather fill the mind with thoughts, “I am Eternal, I am Bliss, I am Pure.” No extraneous efforts are required to attain this Bliss. Only do spare few moments for your true self through Vishvas Meditation.

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