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Faith in your own self

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Once an army of soldiers was defeated. These soldiers were very much saddened and dejected and disheartened. They were brooding over their defeat and were contemplating over their next action. One of them suggested that there was a retired General and they should approach him for his advice and guidance. They all went to him and asked his advice. The General said that there was a temple of Kali nearby. They would go there and a coin would be tossed. If the head comes up, it means that they had got blessings of Kali, the Goddess and would attack with valor and vigor. Victory would be theirs otherwise if the head does not show up; the idea of attack would be abandoned.

They all went to the temple of Goddess along with the General. The coin was tossed and lo! The head came up and they all shouted," We got the blessings of Goddess and victory will be ours". With full force and faith in themselves, they assaulted the enemy and won. They were jubilant and went to the General to pay their gratitude. The General said, "Let us go to the Goddess to offer our respects and thanks". When they stood before the grand idol of the Goddess to offer their sincere gratitude, someone noticed coin lying there with its head shining in the sun. Out of curiosity, the coin was picked up and the head was found on both sides of coin.

Thereupon the General said that it was their own faith and conviction in their own selves that led them to victory. Of course there is no denying the fact that the blessings of kali, Goddess go with them who had faith in themselves. We may believe in thirty three crores or even in thirty three million crores of Gods but we will not be benefitted, unless our inner spirit is awakened. When our spirit is awakened and we have unfaltering faith in ourselves, we will find that all the Gods are present to serve us with folded hands. We worship them now and they will worship us.

अपनी न की तलाश बड़ी चूक ये हुई
बरसों किये खराब खुदा तलाश में हमने

Further Swami Vishvas Ji recites: -

मैं और मेरा यार दोनों इक बस्ती में बसते हैं
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है कि दर्शन को तरसते हैं।

Have firm unswerving faith in your own Self without any ifs and buts. Have faith in your divinity. Have faith in your inner strength, Atman .Real Self is the one which is eternal and everlasting. It is Omni present, omnipotent and omniscient. Have full faith that God is not living in this heaven or in that hell. He is within you. In the words of Jesus of Nazareth, if  you have a mustard seed of faith and bid the mountain to come , it will come but this faith must be without any ifs and buts as of village - milk maze and not of a girl who closed her eyes and bid the mountain to move. She opened her eyes after five minutes and said," I knew that the mountain would be there".

Once the village -milk maids heard a pundit reciting a text from a sacred book to hi audience that the name of God Om is a ship which can help us to cross the ocean of world as it was a pool of water. Those girls were quiet innocent and pure hearted. They took this sermon literally. They had to cross a river and pay to the Boatman. They started chanting God's name with full conviction in the text and jumped into the river. They crossed the river without any harm. Every day they would cross the river while reciting God's name and saved money. One day they invited pundit for dinner to their place to offer their gratitude.

Pundit ji stood at bank of river waiting for the boat while the girls crossed the river as usual by chanting God's name. Finding that pundit was standing there, the girls came back and asked him why he was standing there. Hearing that pundit was waiting for the boat , the milk maze said that with his sermon that the ocean could be crossed by chanting the holy name of God which serves as a ship, they were crossing the river every day and were saving the money. He could do the same. Pundit had doubt about it. He fastened a rope around his waist and gave another end to his friends. In case he was drowning, they would pull him out.

Pundit jumped into the river reciting God's name but not with full conviction.  So he started drowning and he was pulled out. So we must have full conviction and faith in ourselves without any ifs and buts. If we know our Real Self, there is nothing which we cannot know. Once we fill our heart with this conviction, we can do whatever we like because the source of unlimited energy is within us. Archimedes used to say," Give me a point to stand by and I will move the earth". This constant point is within us. If a man believes that the Real Self is within him, Divinity is within him, God is within him. There is no problem which he can't solve. No power on earth can oppose him.

Swami Ram teerth gave an account of faith in himself as:-

Once Rama was appearing for his trial examinations of B.A., the examiner in Mathematics set 13 questions and wrote," solve any 9 out of these 13". Since Rama's heart was full of conviction, he solved all the13 sums and wrote," Examine any 9 out of these 13".

We must have unswerving faith in our selves. We cannot live even for a movement without having faith in Real Self and inner God. We make a mistake in thinking that it our hands and feet which work. It is our inner force of will which causes motion and is responsible for all the activities of every fiber of our nerves and muscles. We want to limit our Real Self in time and space.  This was the answer given to Rishi by Titeries which were trying to empty the ocean by taking out the drop of water in their beaks. The ocean had swept their eggs. When Rishi said that they had taken up an impossible task, Titeries said," Don't look up at our bodies; see the unlimited Self behind the little bodies". There upon Rishi threatened the ocean which returned their eggs saying," It was just a joke".

At the time of trials and tribulations, we make sacrifices in order to get over them. A poor animal is killed or some oblation is thrown into fire. This is no sacrifice. Real sacrifice implies that," Hands should remain engaged in work while tongue is repeating His name or virtues with a feeling full heart that He is in the innermost core of your heart". With this faith, Prahlad embraced the red hot pillar uttering these words," God is within me, God is within the sword and God is within the red hot pillar".

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