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Be Mindful Without Mind

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It appears to be a paradox, an anomaly to be mindful without mind. Mind is the chief factor governing body. In all our activities of daily life, full concentration and co-operation of mind is required. Even ordinary perception is not possible if mind is running away in mysterious lands. We can hear only when mind is attached to the vibrations of the sound. For hours and hours, we may be turning over the pages of a book, we may not understand a single word unless mind is engrossed in deep study. How is it possible to be mindful without mind?

For that we must realise that we are not the mind, the intellect and the body. We are the Masters of mind and not the slaves of mind. We are capable of going beyond mind through meditation. Glorious green pastures of life can be in store for us with a well-guided and pure mind whereas an uncontrolled and restless mind can wreck our life beyond imagination. Realisation of our true Self provides us the Mastership of mind - may take us beyond mind.

The fact is that in essence, we are the Pure One, Immortal One, Unchangeable One, the Greatest of great and the Highest of high. Realise the true Self within and make a clear distinction between the body and Self. We generally make a mistake of giving the glory of Atman to body and the worthlessness of the body to the Atman.

We all know that the body can’t be immortal but the thought of death makes us shudder from the top of the head to the tip of the toe. Even if one has lived over four or five scores of years, yet he wants to extend his relationships, enhance the property and accumulate as much as he can. This is because the Self within is immortal but he is forgetting the Self and wishes the body to be immortal.

Same is the story with other weaknesses of mankind such as greed, rivalry, sloth etc. Even in spite of knowing fully well that man’s desires can never be satisfied, he is hankering after more and more. All the wealth of the world can never extinguish the fire of aggrandisement in man. It is because the Atman within is all blissful and powerful and does not require any external material objects. Unfortunately man is trying to give this glory of bliss and peace to body. He is putting the cart before the horse. Once you get the Giver, all the gifts will follow. So realise your true Self and learn to separate the body from the Atman and mind from Self.

Realise the Atman within you through regular meditation which is not the concentration of mind. It is going beyond mind. You will be mindful without mind. Realisation of Self would tell the knell (death-bill) to all your sufferings and weaknesses and you will enjoy an ever-lasting bliss.

Greed, attachment, avarice, and other weaknesses are attached to the body and not to your true Self which is All Existent, All knowledge and All Bliss. Learn to differentiate the two: body and Atman, mindful and mind. Spell things in the right way and attribute the qualities of Self to Self and not to body.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and render unto the God, the things that are God’s.”

A lawyer was an atheist. He wrote on the walls “God is nowhere.” A client offered him $500 but the lawyer asked for $1000. The client said, “All right, I will pay you $1000 if you win the case but I will pay you after-wards. If you want to take $500, here is the money.” The lawyer was confident of winning the case, he agreed. The lawyer of the opponent party presented some strong points that he lost the case and the money. He was in a state of dejection.

At that time, his darling child came. He was just learning to spell. He began to spell G_O_D    I_S   and thereafter was a long word with so many letters that the poor child could not spell. He divided it into two parts
n_o_w,     h_e_r_e

The child jumped up with joy and said, “God is now here.” The same “God is nowhere” was read as “God is now here.” That is all.

Get your spellings right. Put the things in their right place. Give importance to the body what is its due. At the same time, give all the glory to your Atman. Never put the cart before the horse. Body, mind and intellect are not to take the place of Atman. Realise that Atman, the real Self within you. Like Christ realise that you and your father are one.

Swami Shri Vishvas Ji proclaims in all his sermons, “Atman, God, Self is not dwelling in the seventh heaven. He is residing in the innermost shrine of your heart.

दिल के आईने में है तस्वीरे-यार
जब ज़रा गर्दन झुकाई देख ली


No mind is required to attain him. You are to go beyond mind. You will be mindful without mind.

Spell things in the right way – ‘Dog’ of your weaknesses will become ‘God’ of your strengths. ‘God is nowhere’ changes into ‘God is now here’. Through deep and regular meditation realise your true Self. You will be mindful without mind.

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