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Unveil the Ignorance

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Unveiling the ignorance is discriminating between that which is true and that which is untrue, between the eternal and the transitory. Everything is in a flux. The whole universe is a mass of change God alone is eternal; everything else is transitory. Everything dies. Saints die, sinners die. Kings die, beggars die. The angels die, men die, animals die, everything undergoes constant change. The mountains of today were the oceans of yesterday and will be oceans tomorrow. Everything in the universe is in a state of flux.

But there is one who never changes and that is God. The nearer you get to him to your own, to your Inner Self, the less will be the change for you, the less will nature be able to work on you and when you reach Him and stand with Him, you shall conquer nature. You shall be master of these phenomenon of nature and they will have no effect on you.

All the misery we have is of our own choosing. Such is our nature. The old chinaman who having been kept in dungeon for fifty years was released on the coronation of new emperor, exclaimed that he could not live. He must go back to his horrible prison among the rats and mice. He could not bear the light. So he asked them to kill him or send back to prison and he was sent back.

Exactly similar is the condition of we mortals. We run headlong after all sorts of unlimited desires in pursuit of pleasure and are unwilling to be freed from them. We came to catch and are caught. We came to work and are worked. Everyday we run after pleasure and before we reach it we find it is gone. It has slipped through our fingers. Still we do not cease from our pursuit but on and on we go, blinded fools that we are.

We are immersed deep in ignorance that we do not know that with pleasure there is pain and with pain, pleasure and as pain is disgusting, so is pleasure since it is the twin brother of pain. It is derogatory to the glory of man that he should be going after pain and equally derogatory that he should be going after pleasure. Both should be turned aside. A man of wisdom wants liberty from both of them. He finds that there is no end to pleasure and pains. There is an everlasting Joy within all of us which is beyond joy and sorrow of this ephemeral world.

We are unaware of that Joy. We are surrounded with a fog of unawareness all around us. Sometimes we penetrate into the fog on a nice morning when we wake up after having a good sleep during the night without any dreams and become aware of ourselves that we are not this mortal frame. But soon fog engulfs us and we lead a false life of ignorance without worrying about our true existence or truth. We are slaves of time and space and are being crushed under its wheels which do not care for widow’s wails or orphan’s cries.

Obstinate ego makes us believe that we are the wisest men in the world and exhibit our wisdom on others. A blind man leads the blind and both fall into the ditch. Arguments, dogmas, dry reasoning and study of scriptures without realizing their spirit won’t unveil the ignorance. It is the realization of your own true nature through regular meditation which provides you the inspiration to resolve all the mysteries of life.

This life is a master novel written by God. Man would go crazy if he wanted to understand it with reason alone. You are to delve deep into meditation and then you will be able to hold the ocean of knowledge. All the question will be answered – nay question don’t exist.

The greatest teacher is within you hidden behind the veils of your false ego. Desire makes man forget his true nature and makes him beast. Ignorance stems mainly from the existence of false ego which gives birth to evils of pride, prejudice, lust, anger, jealousy etc. Mind overpowers man so much so that he becomes a mere tool in its hands and considers himself nothing but mind. Meditation takes us beyond mind and tears part the veils of ignorance. We become masters of the mind and phenomena of nature and they have no effect on us.

It is not a pumping in from the outside that unveils ignorance. It is the power and extent of your inner receptivity that determines how much you can attain true knowledge. All the strength, power, knowledge is within you. Your true personality begins to develop when you are able by deep institution attained through meditation, to feel that you are not the solid body but are the divine eternal current of Life and Consciousness within the body. Along with that inspiration, veils of ignorance vanish.

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