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Don't follow thoughts: Be thoughtless

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In conscious or wakeful state there is continuous flow of thoughts just like the waves in an ocean. Just as one wave gives rise to another, one thought leads to another which may not be logically or rationally connected.

Usually thoughts are related to dead past or unknown future whereas we are to live in the present. Engrossed in these thoughts we lose sight of present of our being. Often we have to face turmoil within and a storm in the shore less lake of peace, which is our property, our own birth-right.

Lord Krishna said, “His mind is full with contentment whose desires ever flow inward. That man is like a motionless ocean which is kept brimful with constantly entering waters”. We must not bore the holes of desires in our reservoirs of peace.

Never tell the Lord that we want something. It shows greater faith if we simply say- “Heavenly Father, I fully believe that thou anticipate my every need, give me strength to sustain Thy Will. I want you from you. Row my boat on the way, you wish to row. In this state of self-surrender, thoughts will trouble us no more. They will move to and fro just as traffic goes from right and simply we watch it. We do not follow thoughts; we become thoughtless and attain ever-lasting peace and Bliss, which is the nature of our Being. Alas! Wayward thoughts and obstinate ego have obscured our true being.

Thoughtlessness along with wakefulness leads to the state of super-consciousness, the store-house of all the knowledge. In the wakeful state, thoughts make a beeline and do appear one after another. They stop just before one goes to sleep. That state of consciousness in which there isn’t any thought at all is known as super-consciousness-state, a blissful state in which all the mysteries are unfolded, doubts disappear and miseries vanish.

In that state, we do have the inspiration, which transcends reasons but does not deny reason and truth dawns on us that we are nothing but divinity. Feel that Divinity. Feel it earnestly and strongly. Feel from your heart of hearts that you are not a slave of uncontrolled thoughts. To get your own mastership over these thoughts, just watch them and watch them. Turn the mouths of the canons and guns within and see the source of light.

Looking within and doing nothing, absolutely nothing leads to thoughtlessness. So, just look within and not outside. What is it that makes eyes see and ears to hear, the hair grow? It is Self, Atman, God. How simple is that! If we care to water roots by realizing that we are the Pure, the Blessed one, and the whole tree of spirituality will be watered. The jungle of wild thoughts will be up-rotted when we care to embark upon the inner blissful journey.

If we do not choose to be master of our thoughts and be thoughtless, none can make us thoughtless. We have to be restless and face stress and strain and become the victim of heart and other stress-related diseases. We have the power to hurt ourselves or to benefit ourselves. If we choose to be happy, none can make us unhappy. It is we who make life of what it is.

Before embarking upon an important undertaking, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts and meditate deeply. You will be guided by great power of your own self.

When we don’t follow thoughts by just watching them while sitting in a comfortable posture with closed eyes, through constant and sustained effort we become thoughtless. It does require sustained effort and unruffled patience but one does become thoughtless. Once we become thoughtless, we rise above all temptation and weaknesses by asserting our Godhead. The world must turn aside to let any man pass who is himself.

Be God over your world or it will Lord over you. There can be no hope for those who doubt as to their own divine self. Have full faith in Divinity within you.

Afraid of what?
Of God ? Non-sense
Of man ? Cowardice
Of elements ? Dare them.
Of yourself ? Know thyself
Realize that I am God

“I am He.” This is true knowledge; “I and my father are one.” All other knowledge, reason, intellect and everything else is ignorance. Where is knowledge for me for I am knowledge itself? “I am manifested through the elements but I am the free one. This is the only thought, which remains when we become thoughtless. If you think that you are bound, you remain bound. If you know that you are free, you are free this moment.

Know it for certain that you are in every thing. This false individuality-ego must go. The less is there of this ego, the more you are nearer to that which you really are – the universal body. The less you think of your own individual mind, the nearer you are to the universal mind. It is an arduous task to get rid of this obstinate ego, the forest of thoughts- through continuous meditation you will not follow thoughts and become thoughtless.

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