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Why Meditate

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Meditation is a wonderful Inner Journey, a real pilgrimage which takes the pilgrim

From stress to serenity
From tension to tranquility
From mind to the master
From rituals to realization

Meditation is the only medicine which provides permanent cure from tension, hypertension, depression, diabetes and heart diseases and other stress-related diseases.

Mind is the chief harbinger of stress and strain and it is a Herculean task to tame it down. It buzzes so diligently from flower to flower in search of nectar that it makes us totally restless and makes us slaves so much so that we regard ourselves nothing but mind. It is the meditation which takes us beyond mind and we attain our mastership.

Our malady is that we have been turned inside out and have consequently lost touch with truth – our true self. We are so much caught up in the external world that there is no energy left over to the limitless possibilities of inner space.

Unless we have unbounded faith in our true self, the mind will tear us apart into pieces mercilessly. So many people suffer from mental illness because they have been shipped apart by their own undisciplined minds. In meditation, the mind is free from activity or functioning after creating a havoc or storm if you keep watching and watching without putting any restraint on it then it vanishes or you go beyond it and the self is revealed.

Then you know that you are not the body not the intellect and not the mind. You have control over the whole body instead of being a slave to this machine, this machine is your slave. Through regular meditation, you will be established in your real nature which is All Existence, All Knowledge and All Bliss. Knower and Known are one; viewer and view are one.

It is not a mere frothy talk. It is not a dogma. It is a question of self-realization. It is perception. It is known to everyone that the happiness we seek in this world day and night does not endure and is followed by pain sooner or later. Inner Joy is eternal. We should yearn for that which is lasting and we should be hard-heartened about rejecting the impermanent pleasures of the life which are nothing but mirage.

Don’t let this world rule us. We must never forget that there is but Reality and that Reality is not distant from us. It is not outside of us. It is over being. It is through meditation that we realize the Reality which is Divinity. Divinity is not far away. All that is, is divine. It is where you are. It is omnipresent.

Meditation reminds us of our divinity. “We must never consider ourselves miserable sinners”, people who are not worthy together up crumbs under “Thy table”, it is a sin to call yourself a sinner. As we think, so we become. If we think we are weak, miserable and down-trodden, none in the world can make us strong. Through meditation, we realize that we are roaring lions and not the bleating sheep.

What joy awaits discovery in the silence beyond going your mind, no human tongue can tell. But you must meditate and create that environment. Lament not if you do not see any light or God or bright star of your expectation in meditation. You simply go on watching and watching. Meditation is an end in itself. It is a goal. It is not at all means to attain anything. When we undertake meditation regularly and earnestly without any expectation, all mysteries of life will be solved.

The more we meditate, the more helpful we can be to others. Selfish people are spiritually bankrupt and unselfish expand their consciousness. When we find our omnipresence in meditation, we will find our own self in everyone. If we are realized, all nature will work in harmony with us. Then we shall have full faith in ourselves that we are endowed with great strength that we will need to overcome all the trials and tribulations.

The barriers of ego will be broken, selfishness will be shed, you will be freed from the consciousness of the body and your mind and you will realize your true self through meditation. No special effort or strenuous penances or solemn oaths are required. Everything happens spontaneously when we undertake meditation regularly as our birth-right, our nature. So why not to meditate?

By meditation, we connect the little joy of the body with immense joy of ‘Self’. The most destructive shaft of maya-delusion is unwillingness to meditate for “by this attitude we prevent ourselves from tuning in with God. First things are to be done first. When you awake in the morning, you must meditate otherwise the whole world will crowd in to claim you and you will forget your true ‘Self’. At night meditate before sleep claims you. Never go to sleep until you have communed with ‘Self’.

The more sweetening we put in water the sweeter it becomes. Likewise the longer we meditate intensely, the greater will be our spiritual advancement which is a source of everlasting Bliss. Fleeting pleasures of this world have no place there. All the selfish desires are vanquished. You enjoy perfect peace and tranquility in your own ‘Self’ through meditation that no amount of turmoil or trail can shake you off your feet. You lead a peaceful healthy-wealthy life. So why not meditate – we must meditate.

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