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Inner Glamour is Matchless

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Foundation stone of Vishvas Meditation Centre, Mohali was laid on February 21. The tent was packed to its capacity. A wave of calmness prevailed over the audience. Then a holy voice came from the front:


ज्योत जग रही है, ज्योत जग रही है।

In that gathering, there were people who knew very little of meditation. Everyone experienced that inner grandeur is matchless. In all the Meditation Retreats and camps, people have the experience of inner matchless bliss. When we close our eyes, we are encountered with pitch darkness. A persistent wakeful watch at this darkness leads to ever-lasting JYOT (light), which shines in all of us and is a source of perfect peace and bliss.

अंधेरों ने जिसको संभाला बहुत है।
चलो वो ज़रा सा उजाला बहुत है।।

A way to ever-lasting inner grandeur goes through the darkness; a way to heaven goes through hell.

Happiness from fulfilment of desires and worldly objects is short-lived but internal bliss is permanent. Inner grandeur is matchless. We have to perceive it. We don’t have to believe it. It is the experience of everyone that deep meditation brings the bliss, which can’t be attained in the world through material objects. The proof of pudding lies in its eating.

Alexander, the great, was stunned to find the inner glamour of a saint whom no wealth or threat or fear could move from his inner peace and tranquillity. Angulimal became a ‘bhikshu’ in the company of Buddha. Akbar, the emperor, was struck with surprise at the presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in prison. Swami Vivekananda Ji’s meeting with a French model and Mr. Rockefeller changed their lives. All these spiritual dignitaries were endowed with inner grandeur, which is matchless. This treasure is within all of us. Then after the realisation of our own true nature,

Stone- walls do not a prison make
Nor iron bars a cage.
Mind’s innocence and quiet
Take that for a hermitage.

On the other hand, ignorant people and people without inner glamour, not knowing their true self, given to egotism and selfishness, make even their palaces and castles worse than jails, graves and hells. By low sordid desires and imaginary fears, they forge their own chains.

We all understand that desires are wrong, but can we give up desires? How could life go on? The solution is that we should have property, we should have wealth, we should have all that we want and even more but we must not cling to it, we must not attach to it and we must not ignore our inner self, the grandeur of which is matchless.

Wealth does not belong to anybody. Have no idea of proprietorship, no idea of possession. We are nobody to possess or boast of possessing anything. All belong to God. Lord is in the wealth that we enjoy. He is in the desire that arises in mind. He is in the beautiful attire that we buy, in beautiful ornaments. He is within all of us. He is dwelling in our own hearts. “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Inner glamour is matchless because “I and my father are one”. If we put self in our every movement, in our conversation, in our form, in everything, the whole scene will change and the world, instead of appearing as one of woe and misery will become a heaven. We don’t have to put any extraneous effort to see Him in everything, when we enjoy the ever-lasting inner bliss through regular meditation.

The inherently strong ingrained conviction in every man about the possibility of his salvation proves the intrinsic purity and sinless-ness of the soul. His full conviction that the soul, the self, is pure and sinless and is only apparent sullied for a time. A man of inner glamour is never afraid. He boldly takes possession of his birth right, “I am He.” His slogan is, “Be not afraid; do not tremble.”

The joy and bliss one gets in the company of self is endless and inexplicable. This is experienced by anyone going into deep meditation. External joys come to an end. People generally think, “I enjoy this, I enjoy that.” Yet whatever they are enjoying comes to an end but the love and joy of their inner self is without an end.

Love of self is the only reality. We must realise this love of self. Self-realisation is God-realisation. That is why Socrates said, “Know thyself.”

मैं और मेरा यार, एक ही बस्ती में बसते हैं।
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है, कि दर्शन को तरसते हैं।।

Although God and soul are living together in the same house - our body, they have no communion because of this strong wall of ego - “I-ness”.

We attain our matchless inner glamour, when we are able to remove this ego – the “I-ness”. This ego, this giant mind becomes “no-mind” in meditation. Delving deep into meditation realise that we are not finite, we are not the crawling creatures of the universe. Instead, we are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

This country, this wealth, this house and this land does not belong to anyone forever but our love and attachment for them take us away from the matchless inner glamour, which is our true nature. Divinity is within us. The perception of that divinity through regular and deep meditation dawns upon us the truth that inner glamour is matchless and external glamour is a mirage.

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