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Highway to Divinity

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Man considered that the highway to divinity is building temples, churches, mosques and gurudwaras. He regarded that visiting those places and worshipping them was to be - all and end, all of all. He would attain self-realisation but unfortunately, false ego reigned over there and created huge walls and barriers and the religion which was supposed to be a fountain of love created disharmony, disdain and hatred.

Swami Vivekanand expressed in his speech in eloquent words:

“The most diabolical hatred, that humanity has known, has come from religion whereas the most intense love, that humanity has ever known, has come from religion itself. The noblest words of peace, that the world has ever heard, have come from men on the religious plane and the bitterest denunciation, that the world has ever known, has been uttered by religious men. No other human motive has deluged the world with human blood so much as religion; at the same time nothing has brought into existence so many hospitals and asylums for the poor; no other human influence has taken such care not only of humanity but also of the lowest animals, as religion has done. Nothing makes us as cruel as religion and nothing makes us as tender as religion.”

Cause is whether false ego reigns or self – ever-shining shines, and guides our way. That self-divinity is within all of us, hidden under the layers of obstinate ego. This realisation dawned upon the aspirants going to the places of worship that they are the sign-posts or the signals towards the divinity, which is within all of us and not in the external world, which is changeable and transient.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites:

"जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है, काबा में सजदा कौन करे"

So divinity is within you – nay you are divine. Divinity is not something distant from you and the highway is just to wake up from the deep slumber that you are a bleating sheep. You are a roaring lion. You are the self. This self-realisation is the ‘Highway to Divinity’.

Remember that there is only one reality – ‘Divinity’ and that reality, ‘Divinity’ is you. This fact must be realised. It must go into the main stream of blood and veins of the body. It must not be frothy talk. Day in, day out, it must be hammered that, “I am not the body, I am not the intellect, I am not the mind. I am the Divine, I am the Pure, I am the Free, I am Self-effulgent.” This is the ‘Highway to Divinity’.

At present, we are in the clutches of mind, so much so, we regard ourselves nothing but mind. There are so many layers of mind - Past, Future, Unawareness, Comparison - that ‘Divinity’ is hidden underneath them. Mind’s existence is either in the past or future whereas we are to live in the present. ‘Divinity’ is in the present.

Present is ‘Parmatman’. Present is omnipresent. It is not something which was and which would not be. No, it is right here, now. It has always been and it will always be. Butter always permeates milk and always will. Just as butter permeates milk, divinity lies within you. Nay, you are divine. “I and my father are one.” Divinity is not at all something distant from you and no highway is needed for that. The only highway required is the self-realisation through meditation that you are divine.

Meditation removes all the veils of ignorance, which plunge you into the darkness that you are a poor, helpless creature under the cruel wheels of time, space and causation that do not care for a widow’s wails or an orphan’s cries. You are All Existing, All Knowledge and All Bliss. You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. This will be surely realised through regular Vishvas Meditation.

All divine qualities blossom with meditation. Through regular meditation, you realise your true nature, which is beyond mind, body, senses and intellect. You are the same power that governs the centre force of universe. You are the same God. You must always keep that in mind while living in this world. We can talk with people and mingle with people but all the while we are rapt in divinity, within. We are to bring divinity in our human relations. We are not to leave the market-place but we are to bring the Lord into our market-place. Be in the world but not of it.

A compass always points to the North, wherever it may be. Though you must remain in the world, but your mind and intellect must always be rapt in self, within. The greatest obstacle, in our way to realise ourselves, is the false ego. It is its nature to go out into the external world and always abides either in Past or Future. Due to this ego, we compare ourselves with others, with respect to health or wealth or prosperity - “He is healthier than me.” “He is happier than me.” He is richer than me.” Such feelings of jealousy arise, which sting like scorpions. We must remember that in His plan of unity in diversity, everyone is unique. So you are you. Take pride of wherever you are and look for your true nature, which is divinity.

The easiest way to get over the ego is meditation and this meditation is the ‘Highway to Divinity’. In Vishvas Meditation, we don’t have to put any pressure to control the mind, because then it revolts. We are just to witness the mind. We are to witness the thoughts, wakefully and persistently. We are not to interfere with the activities of the mind. If it goes into the past, let it go; don’t check it but don’t get involved. If you do, just come back and watch it. We are to do nothing; we are to be a non-doer. We are just to be a witness. That witness, that seer is divinity, which goes beyond mind, and you gain your mastership over mind. Meditation is the ‘Highway to Divinity’.

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