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Divine Appointment

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On 12 April, 2008 the grand hall of Inderdhanush Auditorium in Sector-5, Panchkula was packed to its full capacity with the aspirants drowned in deep meditation. Everyone had a blissful experience of divine appointment when Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji expressed His deepest heart felt feelings in His Holy voice:-

तेरी याद में रो लेना यह प्यास हमारी है।
विरह का इक आँसू कई शास्त्रों से भारी है।।

A state of restlessness and crying is our thirst in your remembrance and a tear drop of separation is far more valuable than all the scriptures of world.

Generally tears roll down the cheeks out of agony and excruciating pain or intolerable suffering. When dived deep in meditation with one’s own divine Self, tears roll down the cheeks of aspirant out of Bliss. It is very difficult for him to express the immense Joy in words. Then he has the Divine Appointment.

We get the Divine Appointment when all things worldly and secular concerns completely vanish and dissolve in the light of Spirit. That is the blissful calmness within our soul. That is the communion that great Joy which is beyond the state of sleep. Deep dreamless sleep is an unconscious way of contacting the peace and meditation is the conscious way of attaining Bliss and contacting our own real Self.

The satisfaction of ten million sleeps does not begin to describe the bliss we feel in conscious company with Self. The ecstasy felt by Akbar on hearing Hari Dass was beyond expression in words. The whole atmosphere was filled with the holy sweet voice of Hari Dass, Air was still, Animals of the forest stood like statues. On way back Akbar asked Tansen, “Even when you are the renowned singer of Kingdom, why is there so much difference in voice between yours and Hari Dass’s. Tansen replied. “I have got your appointment and Hari Dass has got Divine Appointment.

When we have Divine Appointment, we stay in present and we are always happy because our real nature is Bliss and Happiness. That is why we are never satisfied with anything less than true happiness. True happiness does not depend on anything outside ourselves. Drink and dupe of external world will give us the false notion that we are having a good time while they are actually destroying our body and mind and stifling the soul. Here is a dialogue between the soul and the Lord:-

Soul: Who is going to tell me if I am right or wrong?
Lord: Why are you looking for someone else? Why look for anyone else outside yourself.

जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है, काबा में सजदा कौन करे

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites that blissful Self resides within and there is no need to look for Him and worship Him in the external world.

Be spotless within. We must look within. That is what is done in Vishvas Meditation. We have been looking outside all our lives and lost ourselves completely in the wilderness of this ephemeral world taking it as our permanent abode. We never thought if Divine Appointment which provide us ever lasting Bliss which knows no anxiety or suffering.

In our inner Self lies all love, all life, all happiness, all joy, all peace – everything that even in our wildest dreams, we could not imagine. Nothing can match that joy. We must develop the habit of communion with that great Joy. So much is that indescribable bliss in Meditation that the aspirant can’t help staying and staying in that blissful state and a voice comes from within.

बस कर यारा जान भी दे

“O Lord! Please let me go now.”

Through intuition, we realize that we are not this solid body but the eternal divine current of Life Consciousness within the body. Troubles and tribulations are not real. Baffling circumstances are not real.

There is but one Reality and that is our worn true Self and that is OM – AUM – EXISTENCE, KNOWLEDGE and BLISS. There aren’t any two. There is only but ONE and that is our own true Self within all of us. To realize that Self within is to have Divine Appointment which evaporates the mist of ignorance that we are separated from our true Self.

Divine Appointment is a reality and real possibility. Self is approachable talking of Him and listening to His words in scriptures, thinking of Him, becoming restless without Him, feeling His presence in Meditation, we will see the unreal becomes real and this world becomes unreal.

There cannot be any excuse for not having Divine Appointment. We must have full faith of His Omnipresence.

A spiritual Master described his experience of meditation, “Once when I was meditating I heard His voice whispering: “Thou dost say I am away but thou didst not come in. that is why thou didst say I am away. I am always in. Come in and thou will see Me. I am always here, ready to greet thee.

That is the truth that Divine is always there within and we have to go within to have Divine Appointment. The easiest and surest way for that is Vishvas Meditation. Thousands of devotees and aspirants can vouch for that they attain Bliss and happiness in Vishvas Meditation.

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