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In His pious and spiritual voice, Swami Vishvas Sh. Gurudev Vishvas Ji recites:

तेरी याद में रो लेना, ये प्यास हमारी है,
विरह का इक आसूँ, सौ शास्त्रों पे भारी है।।

Our PYAS is crying, weeping and longing for Him and a tear drop of separation from Him is much more valuable than all the scriptures. It is the experience of every aspirant that when in meditation thoughts disappear through constant watchfulness, BHAV appears which is the PYAS in the form of a tear drop that is a Bliss which can be experienced only but cannot be expressed. It is inexpressible in words but it can be enjoyed and experienced.

PYAS springs up in heart of mediators in meditation when the state of thoughtlessness or no-mind is attained through persistent unbroken watchfulness and wakefulness just like a constant stream of oil poured from one vessel to another. Again Swami Vishvas Ji chants in His holy voice: -

कर ले दिल दी सफ़ाई, जे दीदार चाहीदा,
तू जहान तों की लैणा, तैनू यार चाहीदा।।

Make your heart pure to have His vision because vain is your hankering after worldly pleasures.

Blissful is the PYAS coming out of the deepest realms of heart in meditation

प्यासा जियरा भर भर आता, इन नैनन की कोर में,
अपने आसूँ बाँधू किसके कोमल आँचल छोर में।।

A yearning and throbbing heart bursts out through the eyes time and again. In whose soft veil, can I drop my precious tears? Of course these sentiments can never be appreciated by someone engrossed deeply in ephemeral worldly affairs. One must undertake Vishvas Meditation regularly and persistently.

A tremendous thirst that seizes the heart of a devotee is described by Swami Vivekananda about Sh. Ramakrishna Paramhans as: -

"Days and nights passed with the boy. At the end of the day towards evening, when the peels of bells and the singing in the temples would reach the wood, it would make him very sad and he would cry, "Another day is gone in vain, Mother, and thou has not come. One more day of this short life has gone and I have not known the Truth." He would rub his face against the ground and weep in the agony of his soul. Such was the thirst, PYAS that seized the heart of the boy. Later on, Ramakrishna Paramhans explained to Vivekananda," My child, suppose there is a bag of gold in one room and a robber in the next room. Do you think that the robber can sleep? He cannot. His mind will always be thinking how to get into that room and obtain possession of gold. Do you think that a man firmly persuaded that there is a Reality behind all these appearances, that there is a God , that there is one who never dies, one whose nature is infinite Bliss as compared to which these pleasures of senses are   simply playthings;  can rest without struggling to attain Him? No. He will become mad with PYAS.

A child leaves all the toys to seek the mother's lap. He cries for mother and runs toward s mother. People think that he is hungry; mother too thinks that he is hungry, but he cries for mother s love. Then mother runs towards child and picks her up and showers her love and affection on the child. If we love Him intensely and arouse PYAS for Him and shed tears in separation for His love and affection, He will definitely reveal Himself to us and shower His benediction on us. Whereas a worldly mother cannot help running towards her crying child, how can the Father remain hidden from His child drowned in PYAS for Him.

Gurudev Swami Vishvas Ji wakes us with thunderous voice, "O Seekers of worldly pleasures which are fleeting and ephemeral arouse the PYAS for the bestowal of worldly pleasures, the creator of the whole world and Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipresent one. Have PYAS for Mother and not for toys. Tear drops arising from PYAS are much more valuable than bowing down physically several times.

तेरी याद में रो लेना, ये प्यास हमारी है,
विरह का इक आसूँ, सौ शास्त्रों पे भारी है।।

No extraneous effort is needed to create PYAS or PREM or longing for Him. VISHVAS MEDITATION will eradicate the adamantine wall of obstinate ego and the fountain of everlasting PREM and PYAS will burst forth.

It is within our power to attain the spiritual heights. The potential is there. If we don't use it, we can fall to the depths that the lowest creatures will have pity on us. It is all within the capability of human body to be God or dog. O man! If you are faithful to Him who is the creator of the universe, you can be God. This is the freedom Master has given to you to be the God or beast.

Gurudev Swami Sh. Vishvas Ji assures us that it is not very difficult or impossible task to realise your own Self or create everlasting love for Him by arousing PYAS. We are to take VISHVAS MEDITATION regularly and persistently so that it becomes our nature. It lasts for over twenty four hours a day when meditation is done with no desire in mind. It is desire less because self is within us.

मुझको कहाँ ढूँढे रे बन्दे मैं तो तेरे पास में,
खोजोगे तो मिलूँगा, पल भर की तलाश में।।

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