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Unnecessary Worries

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Just like a beautifully varnished and painted piece of furniture from outside but eaten by ants from inside, a common man suffers from innumerable worries despite all the prosperity of modern age. The so-called glamour and grandeur of present civilization has failed to make man stress-free and free from worries. It may be stated that some worries are necessary and some unnecessary but clear understanding of reason of worry will show that all worries are unnecessary.

If we look within and meditate deep enough, we all will find that within all of us, there is the Real, “I”, “Self”, “Immortal Self”, “Pure” which is everlasting ever-pure, knows no death, remains the same in childhood, youth and old age, knows no illness, knows no worry and is our true nature. Unfortunately this self, this Reality is hidden under several layers of Ego, little self, little ephemeral body, little personality which brings worries.

For example everyone knows that change is the law of nature and nothing is permanent in this universe. Name and form will go under a change. Anyone who is born, must die sooner or later but we shudder from top to tie at the thought of death. We wish to live forever because there is Someone in us who is Immortal and beyond the clutches of any worry because that Self is all Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.

We are worried much to amass the wealth of the world knowing fully well that no wealth of the world can satisfy our greed. It is due to the fact that the reality lying within all of us is all blissful and does not depend upon any outer object of the world to make it full. We are putting the cart before the horse and are trying to satisfy the ego, little self, with the ephemeral objects of the world and end up in the meshes of everlasting worries which change shape and form but never vanish.

To get rid of worries – necessary or unnecessary, we are to get rid of this ego, this puny “I” which appears to be very simple thing but it has got different layers behind which lies your true Self, Effulgent One, One without second. The aim of all the regions of the world is to remove these layers so that the glorious Sun shines. In Bible, we read that God lives in the seventh heaven. In fact God lives within us behind seven layers of ego.

First layer of Ego is Memory or Past. Visions of some unfavorable happenings in the past make us worried. Fruits are scattered and we are fighting over the basket. As the serpent removes its old skin, we must slip out of the Memory, the Past. In fact the skin has been removed, it is no longer there and it lies only in your mind. Just slip out of it. Don’t repent, don’t feel guilty, don’t fight, you will be defeated because to fight you will have to be there (in the past). When you realize that you are roaming in the Past, simply slip out of it. This is exactly the aim of VISHVAS MEDITATION. It is your awareness, your God that tells you that you are walking in the realms of memory.

Second layer is unawareness. We are living in a trance in a drunken state without knowing who we are, where we are going and what we are doing. We are surrounded by a fog. Sometimes we penetrate into fog but again the fog surrounds us. One morning when we wake up, we have a feeling that we are aware of ourselves having a feeling of BLISS within us. Perhaps we had a sound sleep without dreams or a stomach not too full or empty. The sudden appearance of an old friend or the sweet song of a bird makes us aware. The awareness will keep the worries at bay.

Third layer is comparison. Cause of worry is that I am less intelligent, I am less healthier and I am less wealthier, Just remember that Unity in Diversity is the plan of the universe. No one is exactly the same God wishes you to be in that place where you can have all His Blessings. You are you. Remember that and worries will leave you.

Fourth layer of Ego is the thought of Future “What will happen tomorrow?” “What will happen after death?” “Will I go to hell or heaven?” “What is happening to your life after birth?” “Are you really enjoying your life now?” You always think that you will be happy tomorrow . tomorrow never comes because when it comes it will be today and your habit of saying tomorrow will again leave it behind. So realize your Blissful nature and enjoy every precious moment of it.

Fifth one is consideration that I am German or English or Spanish. In fact you are pure consciousness without name or form.

Sixth one is arrogance, non-indebtedness towards Nature, water, fire, sun, trees. You cannot live without them.

Seventh is imitation. Children learn by imitation but we must come out of childhood and stand upon ourselves.

So when these seven layers of little ‘I’ are dropped you realize your true self and all the worries become unnecessary and vanish. Till then spray the worries with the powerful chemical of peace attained through VISHVAS MEDITATION.

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